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Administrative Assistant

Please submit your resume so we may meet with you to discuss the next steps within your career path.


Please submit your resume so we may meet with you to discuss the next steps within your career path.


Please submit your resume so we may meet with you to discuss the next steps within your career path.


$100k with overtime (Based upon experience)
NYC /MIAMI, NY, United States
Responsible for transporting the entire family inclusive of their precious children is of critical importance. Looking for an experienced, trusted, reliable driver who is fully familiar with both NYC (and surrounding tri-state area) and Miami. There may be periods of the family traveling out of the country in which case you will have down time for vehicle maintenance and care.

Looking for an energetic professional who is poised, courteous, unflappable, respectful and KIND. Much enjoy working with a family with children as they are priority ONE – their wellbeing and security. You will be asked to pick-up and drop off to their various activities ensuring safe and secure transport.

Ability to run errands as needed. Fully familiar with all key notable destinations of gallery's, museums, theater, stores, restaurants, private airports, and all the essential short-cuts, back roads and being able to navigate safely throughout the hectic traffic of the metropolitan areas.

Clean Driver's License, impeccable references and background with a family.

Looking for long-term employment experience with high-profile family. Fully available to travel and be in one location or the other which may mean being away from home base. This is critical to your happiness within the job - having the full flexibility to be travel as needed, for as long as needed and to be able to have a full "service-mindedness" toward being the trusted professional for the family.

Full background check and verifiable references.

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If you are looking for extra days within your schedule and can pick up a few days each week, one of our clients requires an experienced Chauffeur for 3 or 4 days per week, these days may vary from time to time but currently they are looking for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm. Looking for a professional with minimum of 5 years' experience.

Pick up area of Manhattan is in the West 70's - at the end of the day you can take the principal's vehicle home if you have a garage or driveway (cannot be left on the street)

Must have excellent driving skills, fully familiar with NYC and area, excellent communication skills and willing to run errands by taking the housekeeper to the store for supplies and doing random errands.

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$165,000 per annum
NYC & EAST HAMPTON, NY, United States
A great active family is looking for a professional who truly adds to their daily meal enjoyment by bringing their creative talent and knowledge of healthy ingredients to meal prep. This is typically looking for a more casual family-style sort of preparation with meals that are healthy but not over fussed and overworked. Looking for a flare within family casual, healthy home-style meal prep.

In the summer they love the farm-stand special pick by local farmers, they enjoy "real food" that has authentic uncluttered delivery and simplicity. Typically dinner service but occasionally looking for some lunch prep and snacks. Healthy - wholesome - good ingredients. Must be clean in your attention to care of the workspace and maintaining a clean well cared for kitchen - although there are terrific housekeepers to assist there is no patience for a messy Chef who doesn't monitor their own space.

Typical schedule covers the weekends with a Brunch on a Saturday or Sunday. Summers there is entertaining.

Beautiful accommodation while in the Hamptons

Must drive
CV-19 Vaccinated
Culinary trained
Attention to healthy ingredients
Creative and engaged in the process of joyful cooking of wholesome meals
Excellent references.
Great vendor/supplier contacts
Organized and attention to cleanliness
Sourcing, pantry rotation, menu planning

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Annual Salary $120,000 - $130,000 With Health Care
Manhattan, NY, United States
This is a great family with an expectation of beautiful meal preparations in a casually elegant manner of enjoyment. They absolutely love trying new items in a mindful healthy nutrient dense preparation which is served Family Style so they may help themselves. They entertain sparingly but do enjoy the close conviviality of friends and family in an intimate private setting. they are very REAL and live in an authentic appreciation of the great joys of excellent meals and sharing with family and very close friends. Although they could go all out they elect to keep their humble style filled with essential engagements.

Your meal prep considers the family in healthy clean choices with thoughtful selection of ingredients, attention to the origins/organic as much as possible - farm to table, farmer's market, local fare, excellent provisioning and being super switched-on in your care as pertains to fresh ingredients, organized clean pantry and appliances, procurement and shopping and being plugged into an ever changing diverse meal offering.

Culinary trained
Along with this daily more relaxed requirement there is need to have the ability to prepare Hors d'oeuvres for some of the family's philanthropic/events,
Excellent meal planning
Former excellent experience
A true desire to be flexible and to be of service
Engaged in meal planning and preparation that is inventive, inspired, healthy and creatively wonderful
Excellent sourcing
Discreet and respectful
Excellent clean background
Excellent team player
Important that you are able to drive and a plus if you have a car although a car with be made available if needed
Clean attentive care to a super organized and clean kitchen, appliance's and all pantry/storage space
A thorough reference and background check will be conducted
Ability to perform a tasting

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NYC CHEF (flexible to travel)
$130,000 With Health Care
Manhattan, NY
NYC CHEF (flexible to travel)

A respectful, gracious and kind family requires a second Chef to provide the full meal coverage for the day. Your care will be offset by another Chef and alternate schedules accordingly. This is a "foodie" sort of family with a great passion for wonderful provisioning and sourcing always with a keen awareness toward organic, nutrient dense, healthy choices and exquisite plating in a refined manner of service.

The household is a fully staffed properly run and finely appointed household although not stuffy or rigid authentic wonderful household that fully enjoys conviviality, gathering with family and friends and enjoying excellent quality meal prep and service.

Saturdays are required within the schedule. On occasion travel to other destinations is required where you will be provided accommodations.

This is a family of 5, a full staff team inclusive of Servers to assist the kitchen and fine appointments as regards all aspects of a beautiful table service.

The schedule typically is split between morning shift for a week on and afternoon into evening shift for a week.

We require 5 years' experience within private family service

Verifiable references, and a background check will be conducted, a valid Driver's License

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$95,000 - $110,000
North Fork, NY, United States

This is a very gentle post as a chef for a small family looking for Lunch & Dinner service Thursday through Monday and leaving prepared meals for the other two days. They don't really entertain during this time so it is a very basic job whereby bringing your creativity and love of what you do to really bring great joy to their day.

They enjoy all ingredients and ask for the creation of a weekly menu for review in advance. If necessary to make it easier you have the abililty to stay over in the Guest Cottage on the property while you are working. You will cook in this kitchen and take the preparations to the maiin house where they will serve themselves so it is really quite and easy post.

Asking for stocking and supplies and procurement of items, ingredients. They adore the local fare and always enjoy "in season" produce from the diverse array of vendors.

They are looking for an earnest, upbeat professional with integrity who loves what they do.

Must have excellent references, we ask for plating images, ability to drive and a commitment to your creative talent.

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$600/per day (Based upon experience)
The Hampton's, NY, United States

Beginning as soon as possible - this small family is looking for an excellent, refined and experienced chef to provide beautifully plated, well-thought out meals of Breakfast/Lunch and Dinner each weekend from now until September Labor Day. During the last two weeks of August into September Labor Day the request will be providing your care each day as they expect one adult child to visit.

As "foodies", they have a real love for the local farm fresh/Farm-to-Table, organic, really beautiful preparations that are nutrient dense yet light and full of flavor. You will be required to be the completely responsible person to plan menus, shop/provision, prepare and serve - they are literally going to keep it quiet without plans for any large gatherings or entertaining but rather seeing their weekend at their home as a complete respite to recharge for their busy work weeks.

There is weekend accommodation on the property.

Verifiable references and knowledge of the Hamptons vendors and markets. A love for what you do.

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NYC CHEF with HAMPTON'S and additional travel
$120,000 3 weeks vacation Health Care
Manhattan, NY
Bringing your creative culinary talent to provide nutritionally dense, beautifully plated meals for the enjoyment of this small organically minded and elegant family primarily for lunch and dinner service 5 days a week. Based upon the schedule of the household you may only be responsible for dinner.

The preferences span a multitude of culinary styles with and enjoyment for Mexican, French, Mediterranean and, always with appreciation for the freshest of ingredients and lovely plating.

For the most part your home base will be NYC but you will be required to travel from time to time - as a consequence you will need this flexibility to absolutely make certain you are prepared to work in other kitchen settings in other locations. You will be responsible for ordering, stocking and provisioning - your adaptability along with your eagerness to be creative and attention to flavors will be your success.

A full background check will be conducted and we ask that you provide plating images as a sample of your work.

Excellent verifiable references, valid Driver's License.

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$650/per day (Based upon experience)
Manhattan, NY
Short Season; END of June through September Labor Day

Ideal dates last week in June; month of July and August thru Labor Day possibly one week beyond that.
Trial period 1 week during the Easter week 29 March – 4 April
In the Hamptons NY on the ocean.
Must have an excellent track record and be able to provide two written references which can also be confirmed verbally.
Ideally some of the work experience should be in high end private residences.
On occasion there will be weekend guests and dinner parties.
6 days per week to prepare daily breakfast, lunch and dinners
Chef will need to prepare menus with various options one week in advance for approval.
Menus to be submitted on Wednesday a week prior
Clean healthy cooking, no red meat, no cream, need to be familiar with the Asian fusion, French and Mediterranean cuisine
The position will also require the chef to clean and maintain the kitchen and eating areas to a high standard; to do all the grocery shopping, stocking the kitchen and to run occasional household errands.
Car provided for the shopping and also on day off
One day off during the week to be organized around family's schedule
There is a chef's flat within the property with kitchen area, sitting area and bathroom
There are two full time housekeepers that help with serving
Must have clean driving licence

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$140k (Based upon experience)
This family-centric family is NYC based but travels to their home in the Hamptons for the summer and also 6-8 weeks in Malibu. The employer is a husband and wife who describe themselves as total "FOODIES" who enjoy the opportunity to be together particularly each weekend to catch up with grandchildren over mealtime. They have diverse tastes from a love of Ottolenghi influence grains and greens to great fish, steak, burger and even pizza dinners and entertaining the entire family. They like a family-style buffet abbondanza of offerings that range in diverse flavors, proteins and greens and satisfy all tastes.

In the summer in the Hampton's it is busy and fun and ever changing - they want a professional who is flexible and loves to see the family enjoying themselves and being in the spirit of sharing and the conviviality of the season. You must be free to travel to the other property and be fully flexible to live on the property as needed.

This is a wonderful family that is looking for a similar minded professional who doesn't mind if the grandchildren run into the kitchen and the find great enjoyment from being in the center of the household, the kitchen. They want whomever fills this roll to be part of their family for a long time.

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$150k (Based upon experience)
With a flair of renown Chef Ottolenghi along with a Mediterranean and Indian influence of clean fresh organic ingredients bursting with flavor and nutrition this self-described "foodie -family" is enthused to welcome a truly creative talent to be their next long term professional. This is a family of five and staff of 4 - your duties will be to prepare daily lunch and dinner offerings along with staff-meal.

The family enjoys the use of exotic spices and herbs to enhance the freshest of ingredients. The focus is on a well-rounded, full-compliment main course inclusive of grains, proteins, vegetables and a touch of sweetness for dessert (but, they do not have a sweet tooth and this is more of a small finale to their meal)

It is important to be creative within your repertoire and always mixing it up with the weekly offerings.

This is a gentle kind family that is looking for a long term addition to their team who will complement the daily running operations. Looking for a talented, experienced professional who is ultra-fastidious in work ethic and overall interest in running a clean happy kitchen.

Plating images will be requested as will recommendations and a solid level of experience.

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$130k (Based upon experience)
* On occasion there will be weekend guests and dinner parties.
* 6 days per week to prepare daily breakfast, lunch and dinners
* Chef will need to prepare menus with various options one week in advance for approval. Menus to be submitted on Wednesday a week prior
* Clean healthy cooking, no red meat, no cream, need to be familiar with the Asian fusion, French and Mediterranean cuisine
* The position will also require the chef to clean and maintain the kitchen and eating areas to a high standard; to do all the grocery shopping, stocking the kitchen and to run occasional household errands.
* Car provided for the shopping and also on day off
* One day off during the week to be organized around family's schedule
* There is a chef's flat within the property with kitchen area, sitting area and bathroom
* There are two full time housekeepers that help with serving
* Must have clean driving license

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Chief Of Staff

$90,000 - $100,000 With Health Care Benefits package
Manhattan, NY, United States
Within this prominent post your responsibilities are as a full-on right-arm director to uphold the requirements of the CEO within a busy fast paced international firm. Tasked with upholding the team of Assistants and Admins toward a day that runs smoothly and engages with top level artisans, curators, clients/collectors from any number of locations worldwide. Scheduling/calendaring, public relations, timeline logistics, working within all facets of exhibits and shows, marketing, guest-relations, social media outreach, event coordination, support of the CEO.

Five year former, art/gallery/curator/ related employment is essential.

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Domestic Couple

$250,000 - $270,000
Greenwich, CT, United States
This is the care of a husband and wife, there are no pets at their Greenwich CT home. They have a PA and a Chef and a Grounds person. The home is quite large with a pool.

Their main home is in New York City.

Looking for a Live Out couple to reliably care for the household; ordering supplies, laundry and ironing, cleaning and general cleaning, care of kitchen appliances/polishing stainless steel. Some prep work or assistance at meal time if the chef is away; plating/serving/setting the table and clearing the table, starting and emptying the dishwasher. Ensure china and glassware cared for, inventory, rotate wardrobes, keep tidy & organize storage, trash & recycles. Rotating food in the fridge, ensure expiry dates, stocking and souring supplies. Ensuring bar and beverage service is maintained.

There are various trades to maintain much of the property - so, you oversee the completion of duties, walk around to ensure maintenance issues and care for the upkeep of the property. There are grandchildren so when they visit there are hand prints to clean.

They are hoping for a flexible couple where some weeks are a bit busier than others and while some weeks they are not at the house at all. So they would like to have two days off per week: usually Monday and Tuesday or, Tuesday and Wednesday. There is health care.

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DOE - Negotiable $230,000 - $260,000
Greenwich, CT, United States
This is a finely appointed household of museum quality pieces requiring attentive and mindful care to ensure their integrity. You will need to be attentive with an eye for detail and an unflappable level of care to see the needs before they become apparent to the principals. The principals greatly enjoy their space and the items they have curated in decoration so they see things that others do not - it will be important that you have the ability to ensure a guest-ready level of cleanliness at all times and are intuitive to the needs before they arise and prepare accordingly.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Domestic Couple will work together as a team to ensure the smooth running of the household, keeping the household in pristine condition and guest ready at all times, maintaining the property and providing driving duties. This is a live-out position. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: • Maintain home in a sanitary manner through washing, cleaning and daily housekeeping • Dust furniture, light fixtures, window sills, etc. • Sweep, mop and vacuum floors and carpeting • Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms • Providing ironing and laundry services • Maintain supply inventory of home as directed by Household Manager • Closet organization • Assist with housekeeping tasks at other properties when required • Provide light cooking as needed • Assist Chef with miscellaneous tasks including setting table and serving • Assist with event planning • Perform miscellaneous tasks as needed In addition, he/she will be responsible to: • Provide transportation for family as directed • Conduct minor home repairs as needed • Schedule appointments for and oversee maintenance of home • Assist with maintenance and upkeep of automobiles • Perform errands including personal shopping • Inventory management • Maintain outside of home - snow removal, light gardening In order to be successful in this position, the /Domestic Couple must: • Have minimum five years experience • Experience working with fine arts and antiques • Understand the importance of utilizing discretion and confidentiality in the workplace • Be flexible in scheduling time • Be familiar with driving in New York City and Westchester County • Be able to multi-task • Be fluent in English • Be able to lift 25 pounds • Be a team player, work well with others • Have a valid U.S. driver’s license • Be comfortable with dogs • Be a non-smoker The position offers an excellent salary and benefits.

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DOE up to $200,000 Annually (DOE up to $100,000 per individual of the couple) Health Care Package Employment Package
SCARSDALE, NY, United States
This is a small private family requiring the full-charge, hands-on attentive care of a skilled Domestic Couple to perform the upholding duties to fully assist the family.

As part of your post you will be providing pristine household maintenance of handyman, housekeeping, driving to and from Manhattan as needed, assisting the Estate Manager as necessary and also packing and unpacking for travel, wardrobe and closet maintenance, driving the teen children to their appointments and their after-school commitments.

Must be fully tech savvy, ability to research, purchase online supplies, trouble-shoot tech issues, update devices, interface with household smart technology
Ability to travel - this may involve international travel or extended travel of one month domestically
Excellent driver, familiar with Westchester and Manhattan and airports & entertainment venues - comfortable driving with children
Clean and verifiable background and excellent upholding references
HANDS ON FULL CHARGE Housekeeping; general and deep cleaning
Packing and unpacking -wardrobe and closet care
Highly organized, preemptive and guest-ready preparedness
Light maintenance in preventative and "fix-it" care; plumbing, painting, light construction
Being the full care provider for the family in every capacity of upholding and supporting them in their busy day
Unwavering discretion and confidentiality AT ALL TIMES

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$160k+ (Based upon experience) With Health Care
As the live-in Domestic Couple for this husband and wife you will be responsible for all the stocking and provisioning. They are looking for an awareness of Kosher sensibilities in every regard of keeping house, acknowledging the holidays, and kosher cooking and storage. The existing couple are retiring and you will be stepping into a very efficient running property along with extensive house manuals and all necessary vendors, contractors, purveyors and the information required to jump into being in place.

The accommodations are wonderful and separate from the main home.

The daily care will need to consider ocean exposure and minding all weather care inherent to the effects of salt water/air. The duties are hands on in the full capacity of running the property/grounds and overseeing the running of all matters of concern indoors inclusive of all housekeeping and laundry, cooking and shopping, dealing with vendors and contractors, maintenance and light handyman work to ensure systems are running smoothly and improvements and maintenance are cared for.

The extended family expands to a much larger consideration for Holiday and events with adult children and grandchildren whereby the home becomes an active household from time to time. There is another property in Manhattan that you will be asked to travel to from time to time along with a Florida property to travel to and do pre-arrival prep to ensure all aspects are clean and ready, stocking of pantry and fridge, and freshening the household.

This is a post that is looking to fill as soon as possible.

Must be Work Authorized, former Domestic Couple experience, aware of the necessary care for a Kosher household in all aspects.

Must have Smart-home, security awareness and excellent expereince and verifiable references. A thorough background check will be conducted.

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Domestic Couple - LIVE IN
$175k (Based upon experience) with Health Care
NYC, Florida, NJ
As the couple for the immediate husband and wife you will be responsible for three daily meals along with cleaning and maintenance.

The extended family with the adult children and their family w/ grandchildren will make for an active time during the various holidays. It's active, energizing and fun.

There will be necessary care of vendors and contractors, maintaining the health of the different outdoor and indoor concerns, hOuse keeping and laundry, changing beds, cooking, setting and clearing the table/ambiance, shopping and provisioning....doing all the necessary duties toward caring for the family and household.

Traveling to additional homes as needed.

Couples should have former work experience together before, must drive and be comfortable cooking.

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$140,000 - $150,000 With Health Care
Manhattan, NJ, United States

This busy family requires a Live-in House Couple who is fully capable of excellent cooking/meal preparation (Kosher knowledge required) along with all housekeeping, care of indoor/outdoor areas, laundry and making beds, driving as needed and being the "go-to" support to their busy life in caring for all errands and maintenance as well.

Formal Culinary training ability to drive and care for vehicles
Maintenance and care both indoor and outdoor - your knowledge of light plumbing, painting and light electrical is a plus
All sourcing, stocking and ordering of supplies
Technically savvy and computer/smart tech knowledge
All laundry, ironing, bed making, closet and wardrobe care - Housekeeping
Must have impeccable references and a great work ethic.
The accommodation is a new apartment above the garage with a kitchenette. Culinary training with Kosher sensibility is required. You will be responsible for all aspects of care for this busy family to mind their property in the New Jersey, Manhattan and Florida locations. You will be required to travel between the households to ensure that each location is fully stocked and clean and that everything is in working order and guest-ready.

There is a broad spectrum of duties that involve both indoor and outdoor oversight. You will need to drive and become familiar with the local vendors and shops, errands and shopping and provide light cooking of family-style meals.

You will be responsible to monitor the various vendors which may be needed from time to time to ensure they are scheduled, that they perform the repairs and that mechanically and technically things are running smoothly. Must know security systems/smart-home tech and make certain you confidentially care for this beautiful family.

It is a big job and there are certainly going to be busy times with all family around during holidays and summer time...otherwise it is caring for only the husband and the wife in their day to day needs and ensuring the day runs smoothly.

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DOE: $140,000 - $150,000 Health Care benefits All accommodation
Manhattan, NY
A magnificent Manhattan townhouse, appointed with the finest state-of-the-art technology, all up to date mechanicals and luxury operating systems requires a refined and energetic House Couple to live in and bring their excellent experience and skills to ensure an overall wellbeing. The caliber of service is 5-star exclusive and top-drawer on every level. There is a team of staff, each responsible for delivering 100% in being of service toward their duties and as respectful team members - readily able to cross over within their hands on care to ensure seamless operations.

You will be required to oversee the day to day safe operations of this beautiful home filled with the finest appointments and always active and busy with much going on. The balance of duties will require formal and informal table service, hands-on housekeeping and hands-on mechanical and technical oversight/troubleshooting and knowing when to call in the service contractors. This is a 24-7 live in post, you are required to spend each night at the household but for your vacation. For this requirement you must carefully determine that it fits with your lifestyle as it is asked that you are the daily stewards of this property to ensure it is running smoothly, receive packages and monitor the intricate systems, housekeeping and laundry, care of all fine appointments from art to antiques, rare items and beautiful linens and couture wardrobe. The days and the demands vary upon the actitivies of the principals - it is essential that you feel energetically engaged to jump into the day.

Please give this your discussion to ensure, as a couple, that you feel committed to the task of living within this property and dedicating yourself to the daily oversight. You will report to the House Manager and be part of a full team of housekeepers, chef, security, driver and servers.

Five years of excellent experience with verifiable references - an intensive background check will be conducted.

Full hands on experience with housekeeping and laundry duties, table service and maintenance and mechanical knowledge.

During Covid the requirement for everyone's safety is calling upon a stringent awareness of cleanliness and deep cleaning and being prepared to stay in a lockdown mode should there be a call for this.

We look forward to speaking with you further and receiving your resume.

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$160k+ (Based upon experience)
Looking for a highly energetic/athletic and motivated House Couple to live on the grounds of this property. Asking that you have excellent ability to manage all aspects and work well with others as a team. You must know how to trouble shoot both indoors and out and remedy minor problems. Be capable of caring for the grounds and the various out-buildings - be technical and mechanical. One of the couple must cook and house clean inclusive of laundry. Must drive, run errands, provisioning, shopping and be highly organized, thorough and professional. Some semi-formal serving with family dinners. Must work well together, be kind, be flexible and wish for a long term post. Must be legal and must drive

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$175k+ (Based upon experience)
Manage all aspects of hiring and firing and training staff, overseeing the quality of their work, manage schedules, implement all sick days, personal days and vacations. Massive undertaking within a grand property - multiple buildings, substantial art collection, beautiful furnishings, multiple staff members, high profile parties and events, strict confidentiality and security. Know exactly how to provide excellent unblemished proper guest service/owner care, impeccable housekeeping, attention to detail and ensure that valuable appointments whether it be art or antiques are securely cared for at all times. Interface with all aspects of corporate office and liaise with jet and yacht staff. Large event planning. This is a large undertaking on all levels of domestic estate management care in a combination of hospitality management, engineers and systems, facilities management, construction & project management, pristine housekeeping knowledge on all fronts and budgeting and finance.

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Estate Manager

Please submit your resume so we may meet with you to discuss the next steps within your career path.

Executive Housekeeper

$115k-$125k (Based upon experience)
A seasoned, experienced and knowledgeable executive housekeeper is sought for a full-time, live-out position with a lovely, busy and discreet/private family of four, located in the Hudson Valley area. The schedule will typically be Mon-Fri, 7am 5pm. But flexibility for weekends and staying on to manage events or dinner parties may be needed. Must be experienced working with HNWF and possess the professional capacity to seamlessly manage various household management tasks. This includes part administrative tasks (inventory, ordering household and cleaning products, supervising vendors when in home, etc.) and part housekeeper duties (general cleaning, laundry, organization in drawers, closets, etc., daily walk throughs including reports to principle, adhering to deep cleaning schedules, etc.). Responsibilities will pertain to the exceptional care and maintenance of 6500 square foot property, comprising of (3) bedrooms and (2) bathrooms over 2 floors. The right candidate must be detail oriented, a team player with other staff members in the organization (nanny's, chef, drivers, assistants, etc.) and possess clear communication skills whether written or verbal, across different platforms (Signal messaging, email, in person to principle, etc.). Candidates who are pro-active, naturally possess initiative and are reliable will be prioritized.

Some, but not all, high priority responsibilities include :

Inventory: Overseeing household inventories, including: cleaning and laundry products, general household products and supplies, pet food/supplies, family toiletries and bathroom cabinet items and supplies, general family dry pantry and family refrigerator items (snacks, beverages, ). Ordering will be placed by principle after submitting and reviewing the list of items.
Managing Hired Service Staff: Dependent on principle's activity , additional service staff may be hired (events, dinner parties, celebratory, etc.) and will need to be managed as per the occasion.
Cleaning: Full charge deep and light housekeeping in assigned zones. House cleaning (of all types) and performing deep-clean projects which will be on a monthly routine schedule (instructions in the staff reference manual). Must be adept at organizing, cleaning using only eco-friendly products and laundry products (see Laundry description below), assess given tasks and perform them quickly and efficiently, knowledgeable about cleaning various surfaces using various cleaning and sanitation products, techniques, and methods.
Laundry/Clothing Care: skilled in laundry applications for all ranges of clothing and linens, from fine/delicate to hand wash only. Knowledgeable in laundry products, specific product use that keeps in line with the family's likes and dislikes (natural, scents, chemicals, etc.), ironing skills and knowledge in settings/applications, safely cleaning household linens, towels, bed sheets, napkins, placemats, etc., Other duties may include: packing/unpacking for travel, seasonal wardrobe management (rotating clothes/coats, Summer/Winter items), light mending (button replacement, small tears or rips, etc.), putting clothing away properly and consistent to the families closet preferences, maintaining the laundry room care and cleanliness (weekly room sanitization, machine care maintenance and cleaning, etc.)
Organization: cabinets, drawers, closets, linen/towel storage, medicine cabinets, surfaces in all rooms of the house should always be organized and kept in consistent order for principles quick reference and
Maintaining all cleaning equipment, materials, work stations and caddies: upkeep safe and sanitary working condition and informing the manager/principal when items have been damaged or broken, need to be replaced, replenished or any issues you are having with an item(s). This also includes appliances and any issues that may require a professional repair.
Daily Property Walk Throughs: Performing detailed daily walk throughs to observe any issues and test items in areas where issues have occurred before (TV testing and make sure everything is updated and logged in, check temperature in all rooms is correct or adjust to principals liking or if serviced is needed because the zone is not working properly, light bulbs that need to be replaced, list any areas that need immediate attention/service, notice all appliances in working order, clocks have the right time, etc.)
Vendor Management & Supervision: Communicating often and clearly with the property Residential Services for troubleshooting any issues or scheduling repairs needed. This will also involve follow-up with maintenance repairs and service so they are done quickly as to limit any inconvenience to Supervise vendors when coming to service the house, make sure they protect their shoes from making any marks, ensuring they don't damage walls or floors, check work when done and approve issues were fixed and work is esthetically pleasing. Log all vendors work for history and reference (date, issue, completed or parts need to be ordered, list any parts that were replaced in case they fail shortly after, etc.) in the provided vendor log book. This also includes communication with the remote tech service team for any tech issues in the house (sound system issues, Savant House System issues, Wi-Fi issues, etc.)
The family is offering full benefits (Healthcare, Dental, Vision) 100% paid and includes the employee's immediate family members. A work phone and two weeks PTO to start. Yearly job performance review and end of year bonus at the principle's discretion. Must be able to pass a background check and have a passport, green card or EAC to be considered for the position.

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$100,000 - $110,000 With Health Care Monday - Friday 10:00am - 5:00 / 6:00pm
Lower Manhattan, NY, United States
Young couple requiring an Executive Housekeeper that is hands on for all the day to day oversight and care. It is important that you have excellent communication skills and the ability to delegate necessary chores and jobs to others. You will access the daily walk around to ensure there are no leaks or maintenance/repair issues and have the ability to hire outside vendors, for maintenance and repairs along w/ extra assistance in deep cleaning and serving if the family has a large gathering.

It is up to you to arrive at your best schedule but typically Monday-Friday; 10:00am -5:00pm/6:00pm

Care of fine art
Detail oriented
No meal prep
Laundry/ironing / changing the linens and the bedding
Wardrobe care...organizing closet, drawers, ordering supplies
Computer literate, technically minded
Report directly to principal
Meticulous eye for how things should be positioned, inventory, storage, care of glassware/China/ silver and art objects
A true top tier hands-on head housekeeper with house manager oversight
Must be a self-starter and work well on your own.
Verifiable references as a Head Housekeeper/ Lead Housekeeper with House Manager oversight

An excellent kind representative of and for the family/your employer.

Poised and effective, know when to call for professional outside vendors to assist

There are three properties; one as the main residence for the family and two others as property holdings for guests and family/friends

Maintain a guest-ready preparedness at all times.

Be a good honorable and trustworthy person with integrity and excellent long term plans.

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$95k-$110k (Based upon experience)
Sea Cliff, Long Island
All applicants must be eligible to work in the US. Must supply a resume Knowledge of Russian language a plus Large family home of six bedrooms with separate guest house. Family of 2 adults and five children ages 3 to 18yrs. The two eldest children are away at University and only visit occasionally at weekends. The 3 children at home are between 3 and 12 years. The owners have multiple homes and as such only spend six months of the year at this residence, but split over the total year. Duties will be day to day housekeeping to incorporate some cleaning, laundry, running errands, arranging flowers, shopping and school runs. Fresh healthy, family cooking, primarily for the children, will be required when the family are at home. A chef is available for any formal entertaining. Other staff employed are: a full time cleaner, part time cleaner who also cares for the children, pool and handyperson and garden contractors. The housekeeper will be required to monitor and co ordinate external contractors, liaise with the family office and ensure the accounts and household bills are processed. It is essential that the housekeeper enjoys working with children, there will be some baby sitting -- school runs and generally helping with play dates and sleep overs. The family also have 2 dogs but the housekeeper does not need to care for them.Self contained one bedroom apartment available and use of a car. Immediate start.

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Facilities Manager

$60,000 - $80,000 Excellent Employee Package Ferry Pass from Mainland
Shelter Island, NY, United States
This is a great position within a stunning location working with a terrific team of professionals. As the Gardener/ Junior Facilities Assistant you will be responsible for supporting the members of the Facilities Team as well as performing key tasks within the department. Looking for an energetic active resourceful professional who enjoys contributing to the overall beautification of a finely appointed property.

Key Relationships: Reports to: Estate Manager


High school diploma or equivalent qualification.

A minimum of 2 years' working experience in a similar role.
Ability to work with hardware tools and power equipment.
Extremely organized with good communication skills.
Detail-orientated with an aptitude for problem-solving.
Self-starter and able to see projects from start to finish.
Adaptable demeanor, able to adjust with little notice.
Knowledgeable about native plants
Major Responsibilities:

Overseeing landscape vendors (grass, plants, etc), and scheduling around the use/needs of the estate (and principal)
Managing water usage
Maintaining the grounds of the estate to the level required by the principal
Adjusting plant needs with climate restrictions
Supervising and/or assisting vendors with assigned work.
Regularly check residential property spaces to identify issues with property structure, hardware, plumbing, hvac, mechanical failure or breakdowns.
Perform repairs on company equipment or appliances.
Detect and report the need for major maintenance repairs.
Respond to manager's maintenance requests in a timely and professional manner.
Small repair plumbing, electrical and safety systems.
Conduct performance assessments of company appliances, such as refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, ovens and coffee makers, etc.
Provide direct manager and others in workplace with support and guidance on maintaining their equipment.
Perform basic tasks including painting and filling crevices, clean facilities, helping with moving stuff and managing maintenance repairs.
Act as valet as needed
Support Butler in guest facing duties, as needed, including but not limited to: bartending, serving, driver, providing assistance for outdoor activities (kayaking, paddle board, bikes, etc).

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$185,000 - $200,000 (DOE) With Employment Package
WESTCHESTER, NY, United States
This is one of the most complex beautiful estates requiring impeccable care as there are numerous moving parts with diverse systems for everything. Ideally the family is looking for a candidate with engineering/mechanical experience/education in engineering is a huge plus along with hands-on experience preferably within a notable estate. You will be responsible for the care of all systems and ensuring that service contracts, warranties, maintenance are all performed in a timely perfect manner to ensure no set-backs and smooth running operations. Everything within the home is of museum-quality and the attention to ensuring complex systems is of tantamount importance. Attention to detail and an extreme awareness of intricate systems and all security mindedness along with both technology and mechanical knowledge. Must exhibit former top level trusted experience within a prominent estate Flexible, trustworthy, reliable without fail, and vastly resourceful with excellent vendor relations and know-how. Must be fully available and understand your post is as preemptive trouble-shooter and problem solver, so this means that you may be required to work to prevent troubles but be ready to ensure the problem is solved to completion. An engineering degree, mechanical, systems, technical is a true plus. Looking for the candidate who has a Can-Do attitude and is pleasant amid stress, unflappable and energetic.

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$85,000 - $90,000 With excellent Employee Benefits Package
Bedford, NY, United States
This large team of domestic service professionals requires an end-user support person for all technical equipment management and troubleshooting. Although your base point of operation will be in Bedford, NY, there are a total of three residential locations inclusive of NYC, and Southampton. There is currently an IT Director but we require a more junior person for additional support. It is important that you have an organic sense of wanting to assist others, to be resourceful toward resolve, be proactive in keeping up with the latest technology which may be beneficial to the team of staff and apprised of all updates. Ability to be flexible to travel between locations as necessary.

Job Duties:

Based out of Bedford location.
Willingness to travel to other locations as needed.
Performing weekend coverage may be required.
On-call rotations for support.
Support all business software on company laptops, PC's, mobile devices
Break/Fix support for all desktops, laptops, mobile phones, scanners, printers
Troubleshoot basic network connectivity
Troubleshoot and maintenance of Mac OS
Properly documents accurate and detailed information regarding issues, troubleshooting steps, and resolutions
Willing to learn supporting new technologies and systems
Well organized and able to resolve issues in a timely manner
Solid knowledge of Windows 10 Professional
Solid knowledge of MS Office Suite
5 years of technical support experience
Computer Science degree
A+ certification is a plus

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circa $140,000 - 150,000 Excellent employee package
Manhattan, United States

This is a very active family with a busy life which calls for a top tier professional to fully set things to order. Looking for a versatile and knowledgeable professional keen to be of assistance to ensure the day flows smoothly predominantly as a consequence of your excellent organization and attention to detail. It is important once you get up to speed with the family that you inherently know what is required in a preemptive anticipatory manner to fully assist them. They are looking for a longterm professional to grow with the family.

The Office & Household Manager will work closely with the family on a variety of tasks, including but not limited to:

Administrative Responsibilities for Principals, Multiple Properties

Manage record-keeping via QuickBooks and ensure accuracy
Reconcile checking accounts, employee credit card accounts and employee petty cash against supporting documents
Prepare budgets and analyze expense trends on a monthly basis
Maintain personal financials including American Express Account Manager
Liaise with Family Office as it relates to transfers of funds/payment requests
Assist with administration of family's private companies
Establish and maintain an organized filing system and establish own filing system for individual projects and responsibilities
Set up and maintain databases such as family contact list and art catalog
Managing schedules of staff'Coordinate maintenance schedules of premises
Handle special projects, including liaising with architects and other professionals
Misc personal tasks
Household Management, NYC

Oversee operations for multiple NYC properties
Manage housekeeping and inventory to ensure premises are kept in top condition
Work with all vendors and reviewing bids and work when completed
Assist with needs of Principals, guests
Coordinate social events
Handle shipping and receiving of deliveries
Perform additional tasks as deemed appropriate

Minimum of 8 years of experience working in a household or corporate setting
Understand the importance of utilizing discretion and confidentiality in the workplace
Must have experience preparing budgets, accounting background is a plus
Have analytical abilities with strong attention to detail
Ability to use good judgment, recognize priorities and be a self-starter
Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office, MAC and QuickBooks
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Positive and flexible attitude when responding to the changing requirements of the Principals
Must be fluent in English, French a plus
NYS Notary, a plus

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$80k-$90k (Based upon experience)
Looking for a special professional with former horticultural and top-notch decorative gardening experience within a waterfront estate caring for and planning gorgeous gardens, plantings, color schemes, pond + fountain care, creating paths and cutting gardens, decorative pruning and shaping, green house care and seedling care, long term planning of landscaping, organic vegetable gardens - total care and planning in keeping with the terrain and climate of the waterfront.
This is a ten+ acre estate. Care and maintenance of gardening equipment.
Please submit your resume and photos for consideration - must be legally able to work in the US

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$85,000 with Health Care and excellent employee benefits package
BEDFORD, NY, United States
This is a prominent, calm and refined household requiring the hands-on knowledgeable care of an equally skilled and kind professional to provide complete oversight of daily duties; caring for laundry, cleaning, care of luxurious museum quality appointments in all capacities; designer wardrobe, art and sculpture, furnishings and carpets, china and crystal, antiquities and rare books.

Looking for a highly organized, knowledgeable professional who has experience within a prominent household and knows how to navigate around the principals and their guests along with the fastidious care of daily duties.

There is a full team of staff - your ability to work well with others and be responsible to the betterment of the team is important so you are a helpful addition to the overall efforts of an incredible group of top tier happy professionals who have all been in place for a long period of time.

Looking for discretion and confidentiality

Mindful care of all organization and attention to detail.

Excellent references and great experience

Ability to drive and vaccinated.

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$45/hour guaranteed minimum of 16 hours per weekend year round
Manhattan, NY, United States
This is a wonderful young family with their home in the East Village, they spend their weekends in Westchester.

Looking for standard housekeeping to ensure the tidy and organized household with cleaning and laundry. During the week the family employs daily year-round housekeepers do there is always a clean well maintained household - the weekend consists of a more relaxed atmosphere whereby tidying up and general cleaning will be expected.

Must have the ability to dedicate your weekends to this opportunity year-round. It is a big commitment which will speak to a professional who is either looking for more hours or simply is free over their weekends to be the person for this lovely and kind family.

Verifiable references and the ability to navigate within a beautifully appointed household with special finishes and care and attention to glass, crystal, artwork and antiques. It will be helpful if you can drive and you will want to stay overnight on the weekend in Westchester perhaps.

This is a must fill.

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$35,00/hour (9:00am - 5:00pm)
Greenwich, CT, United States
A husband and wife are ooking for a talented/skilled Housekeeper, three days per week, each week, year-round - Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

(9:00am - 5:00pm) Household has a dog (10 pounds and an elderly cat)

Laundry with strong ironing skills, changing the beds, deep and surface cleaning, general maintenance and care for the closets/wardrobes, assisting with packing and unpacking and ensuring an organized and tidy household.

Must possess excellent level of skills, be discreet and always lead with professionalism - be responsible and a happy, motivated self-starter.

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$35 per hour for a 40 hour week Generous compensation if you watch their cat Weekends may be required
UES - Manhattan, NY, United States
A small family of two requires a trusted pet-friendly/cat-friendly Housekeeper to care for their Townhouse and watch their cat when they travel. Their cat is their beloved "family member" so you must have an affinity to enjoy cats, clean the litter box, check in when the family travels and feed and keep company.

Because this is a townhouse they will want for you to be comfortable with stairs.
General cleaning and laundry, ensuring the overall cleanliness and wellbeing of the housekeeping duties.
Former Housekeeping and Laundry care with a beautifully appointed household
A pure organic love of cats and a gentle caring manner
Trustworthy, secure and kind and dedicated self-starter
A thorough background check with referencing will be conducted.

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$75,000 - $78,000
Manhattan, NY, United States
It will be necessary to achieve a level of trust with a long-term mind set of being part of the family - overseeing the househhold in its' care;

Daily cleaning
Receiving packages + mail
Highlighting any repair issues
Deep cleaning on a schedule
Running errands
Grocery shoppin'
Stocking and ordering of groceries and supplies
Light healthy Brazilian style cooking
Care of all closets and wardrobes
Packing and unpacking
This is a husband and wife who travel a lot. You will be overseeing their home in their absence and must attend to things on their behalf and always ensure a clean organized space.

Verifiable references

Sunday & Monday are your days off

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Up to $40/hour D.O.E. for your 40 hour week
KATONAH, NY, United States
This active household is looking for a highly organized housekeeper to step into place and provide impeccable care. This is a new position within their family structure and one that is extremely important to the daily running of their home.

The parents are actively engaged within the daily requirements, they have 4 delightful children and two dogs. The children have a Nanny and the parents are very engaged with their family so your attention will be to maintain all aspects of the household in a meticulous clean manner. This is a very real household. They look at long term relationships and someone who has a very happy, kind disposition and of course is trustworthy along with being energetic to the daily tasks.

If you are a self-starter this is best suited. You will be looked upon as the experienced and knowledgeable professional who is essentially left to perform your best sense of maintaining a clean household. This entails; organizing the pantry and closets/cupboards, doing laundry and ironing, packing and unpacking, daily cleaning and scheduled deep cleaning.

The household is organic minded.

Looking for a great ability to care for a home and ensure the cleanliness in an organized manner

Valid US Work Authorization

CV-19 vaccination please

Former 5 years' experience with valid references

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$80k (Based upon experience) EXCELLENT EMPLOYEE BENEFITS PACKAGE NYC (domestic/international travel required 1-3 months at a time)
Looking for a confident, reliable and trustworthy professional who is ultra-fastidious within your care and attention that you bring your expertise to enhance the daily operations of beautifully appointed homes both in NYC, in the US and internationally, too. Using elevated standards of "know-how" based upon working in some of the more refined and well-appointed estates. This role will be based out of NYC primarily for a wonderful family - as part of the job you will be required to travel for extended periods of time of up to 3 months duration in both domestic/international travel (1-3 months at a time during the year to accompany the principals at their other residences). YOU MUST HAVE THE FLEXIBILITY TO TRAVEL FREELY and want to travel to accompany the family.


Housekeeping, deep cleaning, and interior care of homes
Laundering of clothes and linens; pressing/steaming as needed
Procure household supplies and maintain an inventory of consumable goods, including food and fresh goods
Shopping and errands as needed
Daily interior checks of homes to evaluate physical condition of establishments, appliances and other household items, and submit to management a list of needs and repairs
Ensure HVAC, Audio Visual Systems, lighting and all house systems are functioning properly, and keep records of filter changes and maintenance schedules
Receive and set up new items for the homes
Accompany teenage children on activities
Occasional babysitting and dog sitting
Must be a conscientious and considerate team player

Must have valid passport to travel internationally and domestically
Must have a valid driver's license
Fluent in English, French is a plus
Understand the importance of utilizing discretion and confidentiality in the workplace
Calm and focused disposition with self-starting tendencies
Attention to detail, with pride in their work
Willingness to be hands on with all aspects
Good communication skills
Positive and flexible attitude when responding to the changing requirements of the Principals
Supportive of Principals and guest needs with hospitality at forefront
Reliable transportation to and from work is essential
Valid US Work Authorization

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$115k-$120k (Based upon experience) with Heath Care Benefits
NYC, United States Minor Outlying Islands
A gentle caring family requires a competent, energetic, flexible travel-proficient experienced Housekeeper to hop on their journey to multiple estate locations.

Your top-tier experience along with your love of travel and the ability to readily assimilate within new households and establish your standard of refined excellence, secure supplies and sticking and procurement, work smoothly and seamlessly amidst the family and liaise with other staff toward ensuring a level of cleanliness, organization and maintenance is imperative for a sense of peaceful harmony for the family.

You will need to be eligible to travel freely for extended lengths if time. Manage being in other areas for protracted periods and have a flexible enthusiasm toward your daily duties.

The family is incredibly zen and harmonious. They are respectful and kind and wish for their staff to be organic minded in a similar caring manner.

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$78-82k (Based upon experience) Excellent Employee Benefits package
New York City, NY
This is a very active and energetic family that loves the outdoors...poarticularly in the Summer when there is a lot of activity on the water. They are looking for a year round full time housekeeper to be part of their team of staff. The property is on Shelter Island so it is important that you factor this in to your application.

Housekeeping, deep cleaning, and interior care of multiple homes year round
Exterior daily care required, such as maintaining entryways, walkways, patios, outdoor lighting; setting up and protecting outdoor furnishings/poolside supplies
Laundering of clothes and linens; pressing/steaming as needed
Procure household supplies and maintain an inventory of consumable goods, including food and fresh goods
Shopping and errands required “off island”
Daily interior checks of homes to evaluate physical condition of establishments, appliances and other household items, and submit to management a list of needs and repairs
Ensure HVAC, Audio Visual Systems, Lighting and all house systems are functioning properly, and keep records of filter changes and maintenance schedules
Receive and set up new items for the homes
Must be a conscientious and considerate team player, and coordinate activities with other departments
Communicate and report to Estate Manager and Chief of Staff
Long Summer Hours with limited time off (May – Sept) which equates to overtime

Apply Online
$38/hr with overtime
If you are excellent with the skills you know as a trusted Housekeeper then this could be an excellent post for you to perhaps make some extra income on the weekends. This is a very tight caring and kind family that looks to have a professional housekeeper as an add-on the their family of staff.

They travel generally to their other estates over the weekend otherwise they are based in NYC.
Arrival on a Friday evening and leaving around dinner on a Sunday.

Performing the care of all cleaning and laundry.
Keeping things tidy and really being a self-starter to know the boundaries of when to engage. Being extra organized and overseeing the care of general cleaning and deep cleaning when possible.

There are three wonderful and curious children having lots of fun and enjoying creative playtime which often requires getting organized thereafter.

Start ASAP

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$90,000 - $100,000 With Health Care package 4 Non-contiguous weeks PAID vacation
Manhattan, NY
New York City private residence seeks a hands-on and proactive Houseman to assist with the daily care, maintenance, and service of their multiple-story Upper East Side townhouse. This is a full-time, Live-Out OR Live-In (1 bed/1 bath staff apartment in residence available) position, with a five-day schedule with OVERRIDING flexibility for extended hours and travel to the family's secondary residences in Bedford Hills and Southampton, NY, upon request. The ideal candidate would be incredibly willing to assume a “no task is too big or too small” attitude and would be willing to do whatever is necessary to promote success and satisfaction within the residence. Under the direction of the House Manager, their primary responsibilities would include food/beverage service, cleanliness, and upkeep of the residence.


Proficient in personal high-level maintenance of standards, with attention to detail and timely responsiveness
Ability to recognize and act on all home related and service needs
Organizing and managing household inventories and storage areas to ensure they are fully stocked
Planning and assisting regular dining as well as entertaining for private & social events; providing
Formal service for principals and guests
Maintaining working order of electronic systems throughout the home
Greeting guests and visitors, answering phones, and taking messages on behalf of the principals when PA/House Manager are away
Working in conjunction with other household staff members: house manager, personal assistant, chef, housekeeping, etc.
Daily walk through of Property, ensuring Principal's aesthetics and all equipment and facilities are functioning properly
Notify the House Manager of any discrepancies to be included on the maintenance log
Ensure area outside of the Property is clean: Sweep the patio, terrace, and walkway area. Hose off areas of any dirt, or debris from animals or plants. Clean outdoor furniture, cushions, and their covers daily.
Take out the trash, recyclables, and compost
Wash interior and exterior windows
Removal of all cobwebs
Work with housekeeping team to perform deep cleaning and help as needed in cleaning hard-to-reach areas
Routine floor care including mopping, soap application on wood floors and polishing.
Check and change all the light bulbs and notify the House Manager of their outage
Replace batteries in all remotes when needed
Ordering supplies, monitiroing stocks and inventories
A back ground check will be condicted along with verifying all references and employment history.

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$150,000+ Full Health Care
Manhattan, NY
This is one of the most notable properties with leading technology and mechanicals not to mention the attention to refined appointments by a leading architect and designer - it is a beautiful home and requires a knowledgeable professional fully apprised in all aspects of running a promienent 5-Star townhouse. The position oversees and manages all housekeeping staff, contractors and vendors.


Manage the staging/packing/unpacking of all deliveries, once logged into tracking system.
Manage housekeeping staff schedules and calendars with oversight on the adult children's apartments.
Oversee and facilitate residence maintenance projects.
Provide 24/7 on-call support and assistance; Resolving issues related to service, comfort, vehicles, home technology, gym equipment, HVAC, IT, lighting, etc.
Overseeing and maintaining household supply inventories.


Conducting staff intake including recruiting, interviewing, hiring of housekeeping staff.
Oversee and manage all aspects of housekeeping staff duties and provide hands-on training.
Set staff schedules, rotations and monitor staff hours.
Work closely with Chef and Personal Assistant, as well as the principals' managers and staff at their secondary residences.
Oversee formal service and formal table settings.
Organize and manage all aspects of household kitchen; assist chef as needed.
Plan and implement holidays and special events; catering, table design, floral arrangements, formal service protocols.
Manage stocking and inventory of primary residence and that of the children's residences.
Manage household maintenance schedules and cleaning protocols.
Responsible for the care of priceless art and antiques; make sure all household equipment is operational and up to date; silver care; all care of fine china, crystal.
Oversee laundry requirements; outside dry cleaning for linens etc.
Special care for making beds, valuable linens, organizing cabinets and closets.
Ensure that every aspect of the household is always clean and 'guest ready'.
Liaise with Owner representative and Family office regarding updates on construction, billing process, staffing issues.
Survey the residence each morning for leaks and structural damages – delegate to Staff.
Manage all vendors relationships, including building staff: Providing access and monitoring of vendors while at residence.
Household errands.


Preference for local candidates in the NYC area.
Prefer at least 5 years experience managing a luxury home.
Experienced in managing a team of staff.
Must be flexible with work schedule, i.e. able to work long hours from time to time, weekends and holidays as needed.
Must be willing to travel occasionally to principals' other homes to assist as requested.
Must be tech-savvy.
Must have longevity in past positions with verifiable references.
Excellent written/verbal communication skills.
Professional and service-oriented attitude.
Experienced with caring for museum quality art.
Wine knowledge a plus.
Knowledge of formal dining service.
Comfortable with two small dogs.
Self-motivator and self-starter.
Legal to work in the U.S. with valid driver' license & clean driving record; There will be a comprehensive background check
Must be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement

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Please submit your resume so we may meet with you to discuss the next steps within your career path.


Please submit your resume so we may meet with you to discuss the next steps within your career path.

Personal Assistant

Capped at, $125,000
NYC or LONDON, NY, United States
This is an exciting opportunity for a very accomplished right arm "rainmaker" who is proactive and extremely accomplished within the space of getting things done swiftly. This is an extremely high-profile International Businesswoman who is on the go, non-stop in her own feistiness toward getting things done. There are so many demands placed upon this individual that there isn't time to falter or get stuck....the need is to tackle projects in a proactive manner but also to be extremely resourceful on a global premise of knowing just how to navigate complex schedules, worldwide travel and the obscure requests that go along with problem-solving and trouble-shooting all considerations to ensure a smooth-running day. It is B U S Y !!

The principal spends up to 3-4 months in NYC

There are rarified select few extra-special professionals who know exactly the sort of top-tier professionalism and resourcefulness that is required to fulfill this level of right arm gatekeeper and assistant role - it take a very uniquely qualified individual to outperform the principal by being so dialed-in you are running ahead and securing that all matters are in place to uphold their needs. There is a truly respected art form to this type of professional - we are looking for YOU! The principal is dynamic and total Type-A in the demands she places upon herself ~ this is why when people need things cared for on a worldwide basis they go to her to draw from her resources. In the past the person who has been keenly successful within this role was a PA to the UH Profile Fashion Designer realm where timeliness, speedy turn-around, super resourcefulness while being unfazed and diplomatic, poised and forward thinking. The client is looking for an independent contractor for this post.

You will need a 24/7 mindset to accommodate international time-zones

Fastidious, clear communication, resourcefulness, excellent vendors along with the where-with-all to secure the desired outcome as quickly as possible- a quick study and being able to hit the ground running sort of person.

Take care of inventories, liaise with Attorney's/ art curators/ diplomats/ all key people; friends and family.

Liaise with the Domestic staff and ensure stocking and supplies are uniform amongst properties - engage the head of Housekeeping to ensure returns, pick-ups, errands, personal shopping and gift-buying is cared for

Research, travel arrangements, liaise with Pilots and ground travel

Bring your care to all aspects of ensuring the principal is cared for and presented with all the tools to permit her to focus upon her business demands.

If you are available to travel there will be discussion to accompany and be alongside the principal in her travels.

Valid Passport

Apply Online
$90,000 - $120,000 With Health Care Benefits package
Manhattan, NY, United States
Within this prominent post your responsibilities are as a full-on right-arm director to uphold the requirements of the COO within a busy fast paced international firm. Tasked with upholding the team of Assistants and Admins toward a day that runs smoothly and engages with top level artisans, curators, clients/collectors from any number of locations worldwide. Scheduling/calendaring, public relations, timeline logistics, working within all facets of exhibits and shows, marketing, guest-relations, social media outreach, event coordination, support of the COO.

**Five year former, art/gallery/curator/ related employment is essential.

Apply Online
Up to/Capped at $120,000 With Health Care
Manhattan - Remote, NY, United States
The dynamic intensity of this post will call upon your resourcefulness, you must be a discerning gatekeeper, quick to respond to emails and a preemptive self-starter. You will interface directly with the principal and liaise with the Chief of Staff to manage schedules and coordinate travel along with providing support in all areas of business, lifestyle, philanthropic endeavors, special projects, travel, and events. The EPA also proactively and accurately communicates the principal's needs to the teams that support them in the residence. The EPA is a remote position with established hours of 8:30am-5:30pm, Monday through Friday, and expected to check emails and respond as needed after hours and on weekends, which may be a large time commitment.


General Responsibilities - Core areas of focus include:

Calendar & Contact Management Manage and maintain the principal's personal/social/business calendar, which involves thoughtful scheduling and coordination and tracking all pertinent information required for meetings. Maintain accuracy of Principal's contact database.
Anticipation& Consistency - Provide personal and administrative support in all areas of the Principal's life. Anticipate the Principal's needs and take immediate, thoughtful action in a logical sequence. Attention to detail is critical.
Communication and Collaboration - Collaborate and communicate clearly with the family office, office receptionist, and residential team and ensure they are up to date on upcoming activities, including events, guests, and timing of activities that take place in the residence and office.
Foster Relationships & Interface – Professionally represent and interface with Principals' friends, family, teachers, doctors, stylists, and other important personal advisors.
Travel Planning & Logistics Collaborate with the Travel Manager on creating unique and custom travel experiences.

Education & Experience

A bachelor's degree and a minimum of 3-5 years of relevant experience or equivalent combination of education and experience providing executive/personal support within a high-service, action-oriented private environment with high accountability levels.
Experience in complex organization and coordinating with diverse global service teams.
Experience in maintaining the confidentiality, safety, security, and privacy of a private employer.
Superb written and oral communication skills; a gift for distilling information into verbal and written formats
Tech-savvy: complete comfort with all standard PC computers and internet skills including email; apps; Outlook calendaring programs; social media platforms; Microsoft Office suite (Word & Excel).
Personal Qualities & Character Sketch

Exceptionally organized, accurate/precise in work product, intelligent, natural multi-tasker, resourceful and service hearted.
Collaborative and has a can-do attitude, no task being too great or too small.
Ability to accommodate a non-traditional work schedule and remain flexible to meet the family's needs.
Capable of juggling competing deadlines with ease and attentive to detail and accuracy.
Ability to anticipate next steps by thinking creatively and solving problems. Takes ownership of work and think strategically.
Outstanding ability to track and organize incoming information and distill it into actionable points.
Critical thinker who can exercise judgment and set priorities.

Apply Online
$125k (Based upon experience) with Health Care Benefits
Manhattan, NY, United States
This is a right-arm, gatekeeper, preemptive sort of post where the wellbeing of your high-profile employer will need to be your total focus.

Liaise with business associates and all support vendors, various professionals who interact on a peripheral basis but very important to the overall daily activities....liaise with various offices in different time zones.
You will be successful if your natural inclination is to want the best outcome for the day.
To ensure the needs of the busy and very demanding and hectic day are cared for.
To be protective toward filtering through the excessive external activity to reach your principal and overall be completely dialed-in and able to vet in a critical thinking manner of filtering through information so you can always streamline the day and get to the most important relative bits of information to either act upon or covey to the appropriate parties for thorough follow-through.
Have a wonderful disposition, sense of humor, highly organized, flexible with a laser sharp focus on the essential direction you need to steer the day.
Excellent references, fully aware of NYC and area and all the culturally unique aspects of the city.

Apply Online
$115,000 - $125,000 With Health Care Package
Miami Beach, FL, United States
This is an exciting position to support an enthusiastic principal and collaborate with a full team of carefully curated exclusive top tier professionals all working in a cohesive unit to benefit favorable outcome for the family. Your direct report will be to the Director of Residences and be a key contact to support the principal, family, friends and business associates. This is a hybrid role of in-office andremote requirements depending the travel of the family and they are looking for a true right-arm professional who is energetic with an affininty with sales and retail oversight as well. There is so much growth within this exciting post.

Within your work day you will liaise with each of the House Managers at the various properties to coordinate scheduling in conjunction with travel

Personal Support Responsibilities

Foster Relationships
Principal Calendar & Contact Management
General Administration Support
Concierge Services & Personal Support - Provide personal assistance and concierge services to the Principals, their family, and guests.
Run Errands
Support the DoR, liaise with the Principal husband's business team
Preparation of a weekly Pending Report for the Principal
Financials - Assist in managing/tracking expenses and bills, credit card reconciling, staff expenditure approval, and coordinating with accounting partners in the Family Office. Perform light financial analysis as requested. Review contracts pertinent to the Principal and liaises with other advisors as appropriate.
Assist in developing and maintaining manuals, procedures, and checklists for household operations, events, travel, etc., and conduct annual review & update.
Travel Planning & Logistics
Event Management
Shipments & Deliveries
Gifting & Product Research
Dog Care Coordination
Coordination of Ground Transportation
Wardrobe & Personal Items
Stocking & Inventory Control
Special Projects
Education & Experience

A bachelor's degree and a minimum of three-plus years of relevant experience or equivalent combination of education and experience providing executive/personal support within a high-service, action-oriented private environment with high accountability levels and proven experience supporting other household staff, including housekeepers, personal organizers, and other vendors.
Experience coordinating with personal household service teams preferred, including personal service assistants, child caregivers, housekeepers, chefs, drivers, and other staff/vendors as may be required.
Experience in maintaining the confidentiality, safety, security, and privacy of a private employer.
Superb written and oral communication skills; a gift for distilling information into verbal and written formats
Tech-savvy: complete comfort with all standard Mac computers and internet skills including email; apps; calendaring programs; social media platforms; Microsoft Office suite (Word & Excel); Google Suite; project management/messaging tools; various online portals for scheduling; quick learner of new apps.
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$100,000 - $120,000
Philadelphia, PA, United States

Manage homes in Philadelphia and Ft Lauderdale and ability to travel between both homes
Manage vendors, maintenance and construction projects for both homes
Handle scheduling, payroll and hiring and training of staff
Manage day-to-day household functions at both homes
Liaise between principals and staff and delegate accordingly
Light cleaning and organizing
Clean up kitchen after meal prep
Make sure that employment law is followed in both states for staff
Oversee car maintenance and purchases
Make sure the homes are stocked with the principals needed items at all times
Run errands such as grocery shopping, dry cleaning, pharmacy, etc. as needed for the principals
Make sure all household equipment is always working, light bulbs are changed, etc.
Create and maintain calendars for both homes
Have a valid drivers license with a clean record
Ability to create household manuals for both homes
Have good communication skills
Intelligent decision making
Take care of packaging, mailing and shipping
Ability to perform various administrative duties for the principals including but not limited to setting appointments, managing their calendars and arranging travel
Discretion is a must
Schedule will be M-F from 9am to 6pm but flexibility will be needed
Help in the kitchen and grocery shopping. We need someone with some cooking experience who can prepare meals and often assist with food prep.

Keep the fridge stocked with homemade food: breakfast-lunch items like (cut up fruits and veggies, salads, soups etc). Clear the fridge from old/expired items.
Keep the pantry stocked with staples as well as making sure no items are expired.
Frequent grocery shopping to different stores.
Some cooking required.
Pet/Plant and House Sitting, 1 Dog & 2 Cats

Daily care: walking the dog, give them medication if needed, occasional feeding.
Coordinate and transport the pets to their grooming and vet appointments
Pet care during the weekends is a must when the family is traveling.
Responsible for pets' food supplies.
Tending to house plants

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$80,000 with overtime Health Care
Manhattan, NY, United States
This fast-paced, high-profile Family Office requires an attentive, quick-study PA to support the Chief of Staff.

This is an "IN OFFICE" post (not remote) requiring a dynamic professional who is ready to navigate and problem solve in a timely manner. Looking for a self-starter, and resourceful assistant who understands they will be relied upon to support a very busy Chief of Staff in all daily preparations to ensure a smooth running office.

Meeting and greeting guests ~ hospitality mindedness
Scheduling and arranging meetings, ensuring office set-up in preparation
Ordering office supplies
Travel arrangements - both international and domestic
Liaise with all key domestic and professional contacts
Ensure smooth running operations through a day of arranging and preparing for international conferences, establish Zoom meetings
Manage a busy calendar
Liaise with family scheduling/ office scheduling and manage timelines
Technically astute with an ability to troubleshoot and be comfortable with Excel, QuickBooks (a plus)
Answering emails, maintaining contacts
Having a mindset of being available to problem solve - beyond the hours of the day if need be
A preemptive mindset that cares enough to go the extra distance, to ensure that the day runs smoothly.
Within these sorts of posts it is important to know that you are called upon to be of service toward utilizing your professional strength's and skills to ensure the busy life of your employer is supported. We are looking for candidates who are clear within their pursuits toward being a true personal assistant in support of their employer.

Verifiable references

Background check will be conducted.

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$95k-$110k (Based upon experience) Healthcare provided after 3 month probation
New York, NY, United States

Second pair of hands to a busy executive based in the West Village to help streamline a busy life. This role would suit someone looking to move into the Private PA world and responsibilities can be expanded over time. Common sense, being street wise, great communication and team player a must.

Errand running/Various shopping/gift buying/sourcing/ driving upstate to country house
Helping with dinners and parties behind the scenes as well as front of house. From guest lists to flower arranging
Helping with food prep in the kitchen if required, help setting up for meetings in the house and teas
Assistance with IT - Tech savvy with mac and PC,Word/ Excel/ Evernote/ Dropbox - able to look for new apps as needed
Various scanning, printing and administrative tasks
From time to time driving the principle to appointments with her own car as and when required
Making sure the car is in good working order and road worthy
Keeping an organised list of subscriptions and memberships
Assisting with aspects of Country home upstate when required
Reconciliation of expenditure via Expensify
Overseeing any household contractors if house manager is away from duties
Various projects
Greenthumb a bonus to help with; house flowers/plants, the terrace kitchen garden and growing micro greens indoors

General hours will be 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday but responsive to calls/ txts/ emails 24/7
Salary flexible for right person
3 month probation period
Healthcare provided after 3 month probation
Based at home office in NY apartment for at least latter part of day when overlap w principal who will work from offices in Greenwich and NY but is home by 3pm
No regular travel needed with the principal but good if does not mind some minor travel if critical

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$90,000 (DOE) with Health Care
This is a post which requires you be highly organized, detail oriented and have the ability to prioritize requests so you are able to ensure you can complete tasks in a timely manner at an elevated level of expectations. The choices you will be making will be reflective of your employer and family - NYC experience within a sophisticated estate will assist you toward liaising with various vendors, accomplishing tasks, purchasing gifts and following up with cards and special touches that represent the wishes of the family.

It is essential that you are fully familiar with QUICKBOOKS for all bill paying and keeping track of expenses for various properties. The Estate Managers and Assistants will send you a multitude of invoices and payment requests so it is imperative to your success and comfort within the post that you have the ability to be fully adept with all data input and management within QB.

At various times you will be required to organize flights & hotels for staff members along with vendor interaction and management when it comes to events and party planning and construction and maintenance. Must have a true interest in travel, restaurants, cultural interests, designers and architects on both coasts and the ability to finesse reservations and sort complex travel arrangements when necessary.

This is a true right arm post to the existing Operations Manager for the Family Office.

We are looking for a professional with a great connection to follow-through, preparedness in advance of the need arising, an interest to understand the employer so you step into the manner/style of their expectations, a true interest toward generating a completed perfected work product and an ability to retain important relative and pertinent information. You will be seen as the person who has to be steps ahead of your direct-report and of course interact with the family members and their team of trusted professionals.

It will be best if you have worked within a Family Office before and been involved with the oftentimes fast paced, energetic, hectic and at times demanding schedule.

Excellent mathematical aptitude, resourcefulness, 5 years direct experience and fully familiar with NYC and the Hampton's.

A thorough background report will be conducted along with verifiable references.

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Approx $85,000 - $90,000 with overtime (DOE) Generous Employee Package
Manhattan, NY

Looking for an energetic candidate who is focused upon hospitality and being of service to ensure smooth running operations. Within this wonderful post you will be looked upon to deliver front-line concierge services, interface directly with the Principals, and serve as their key-point-of contact for the fulfillment of their personal service needs and real-time requests. Please be mindful that this post requires that you travel freely. You must have a valid passport and be readily available to travel in and out of the USA with the proper documentation to do so. Additionally you will be in different countries and a pure joy of hitting the ground running in an adaptable way of getting your bearing with assist you immensely toward success.

This position will support the family while in residence at their primary residence and will be called upon to support while visiting their US and international vacation properties. This post provides personal assistance, service/butling responsibilities, and traditional household services support.

As this is an intimate post working so closely with the family and guests we are looking for a warm, poised, intuitive, respectful, calm, and collaborative professional who is highly organized, efficient, energetic, service-oriented professional who works well under pressure in an unflappable manner.

Must be observant and attentive to the Principal's preferences in an intuitive manner but not intrusive
Has a can-do attitude, with no task being too great or too small, and genuinely enjoys providing personal
Possess high levels of scheduling flexibility to adjust to the Principal's changing
Capable of juggling competing deadlines with ease while remaining calm and attentive to detail and Ideal candidates find deep satisfaction in completing items on an ever-changing to-do list.
Advance travel is required to preemptively ensure the family's homes are in guest-ready preparedness for their arrival and will remain on-site to coordinate their support throughout their stay.

This position will report to the Director of Household Manager and will work closely with the Principal's assistants, nanny's, chefs, drivers, facilities maintenance, tech services, and security teams to coordinate and execute logistics for the home and office. The ideal candidate will have experience providing hands-on personal service in fully staffed, significantly sized estates.

You will be seen as the key person to ensure the homes are meticulously maintained, in proper working order, and logistical operations are running smoothly. House management responsibilities include a daily walk through of the interiors of all dwellings to establish a maintenance punch-list and interior cleaning schedule. This position is responsible for coordinating with the principals and chef to ensure meal service is fully understood as regards; the number of guest, the table settings needed, communicate with the team leaders to ensure the smooth follow through with protocol/ VIP consideration, packing/wardrobe, errand running, and household ordering/stocking/shopping.

It will be important to update and maintain the House Manual for all Principal & Guest Preferences and ensure the household and property staff are well-coached in these up-to-date protocols.


It will be important to anticipate and execute all of Principal's real-time requests
Provide top-tier service to family and guests and support their Oversee guest arrivals/departures, including special requests, food, etc.
Daily meal /tabletop set-up, meal service (formal & informal), and bartending services for family and Constant collaboration with Chefs/Assistants to meet family's changing daily calendar.
Create and maintain accurate inventories, ensure proper closet organization, and provide skillful packing and unpacking Efficiently coordinate the dispatch and receipt of the Principal's clothing and personal items before their arrival at their travel destination.
Coordinate with flight attendants and assist in implementing logistics for travel, including packing luggage tracking, meal service, and special
Coordinate moves to other properties and ensure easy transitions between residences for both family and
Oversee home meeting set-up, track online accounts, collaborate with assistants and tech team members to troubleshoot and test AV/IT equipment and
Coordinate closely with Assistants and household staff on organizing and executing events at the Oversee food and beverage, table setting/service, decor, flowers, rentals. Coordinate additional staff and/or vendors as required. Supervise set-up and ensure the event's timelines are supported, including temperature, lighting, music, talent/guest speakers, etc.
Conduct a daily walkthrough of the home and the interiors of all dwellings to ensure that each residence has a consistent feel and that the team is aware of the Principal's preferences and daily


A bachelor's degree and a minimum of two-plus years of relevant experience or equivalent combination of education and experience providing concierge service within a high-service, action-oriented private household environment with high accountability levels and proven experience supporting other household staff, including housekeepers, personal organizers, and other
Experience in maintaining the confidentiality, safety, security, and privacy of a private
Tech-savvy: complete comfort with all standard Mac computers and internet skills including email; apps; calendaring programs; Microsoft Office suite (Word & Excel); project management/messaging tools; various online portals for scheduling; quick learner of new
Must have experience supporting complex travel, hospitality, event, and entertaining
Must have a US Passport and the flexibility to travel nationally and internationally as
Ensure that homes are meticulously prepared, in working order, and ready in advance of the Principal's arrival.
Collaborate with Household Services managers to develop and maintain an interior cleaning schedule for regular and deep cleaning for all Assist the housekeepers with specialty cleaning, general tidying, or household projects as required.
Create and maintain a Preference Log for Principals and guests and, in conjunction with the household management team, create and maintain current household
Ensure that each residence is stocked with the Principal's desired toiletries, personal items, cleaning products, Oversee inventory of household items, personal products, office supplies, linen closets, storage areas and ensure all inventories are organized and current.
Shop for household items and run errands, and perform other duties as
Advise team on upcoming household activities, including events, guests, and timing of particular activities so house operations can run as smoothly as
Create floral arrangements and installation of seasonal/holiday decor
Assist with care and coordination of family pets. Maintain inventory and maintenance of various sporting and personal equipment
Execute special projects assigned by the Household management team
Verifiable references, a thorough background check, drug screen, and online assessment will be required of all qualified candidates

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$90k (Based upon experience)
This is a prestigious position for the right 'fit'. Your employer is a Global businessman with a small family.
Your focus will be to streamline the daily activities in all aspects of his life. Some of the tasks are mundane and tedious while other aspects are demanding and fun filled. No matter what the day holds it will be a great adventure internationally aboard their yacht, private jets or preparing their arrival to one of their many homes around the world. You'll need to rapidly establish vendor relations and get your finger on the cultural and social pulse. This is a hip young businessman who enjoys being a part of the newest openings; shops, galleries, restaurants, clubs. He'll expect for you to prepare for his arrival in a seamless manner of being his liaison, establishing repoire with the finest involvements in a poised, confidential and highly discrete manner that best represents him. You'll interact with dignitaries, celebrity and business leaders of multi cultures. The family will look to you for smooth running operations. You really will be a combination of many titles in your job duties; Valet, Concierge, Attache, Personal Assistant and, "Go-to" person. Applicant must have a US Passport Must be able to travel freely, unencumbered- you'll be on the go all the time. Qualities that will make you stand out as an ideal Candidate are, well traveled, appreciation for finery, poised, pro-active, team player, energetic and congenial yet very discrete, multiple languages a plus, educated and able to know what needs to be done-well ahead of having to be asked.

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