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This prominent family enjoys a harmonious balance to their lovely team of staff. A true EQ minded professional who brings a level of consideration to their management style and the direction they provide for their team of staff to ensure the greatest cohesion, collaborative efforts to benefit the smooth running operations of busy complex estates. Full availability to travel within three estates on both coasts and oversee vendors and contractors - ensure timely job oversight of both, ad*hoc and scheduled maintenance and all construction project liaison with architects, engineers and designer/decorators. Within these projects also overseeing the cautious management and handling of valuable appointments and if necessary arranging for curated art handling and storage to secure the integrity and safety of all appointments. Work to train, maintain and retain staff - create standards of oversight and accent the strengths of your team to ensure HR oversight, rotations that values rest and personal quality of time off. You have a small but effective team of staff to bring about cohesive dedicated coverage to support the needs of the employer. There is a large part of this post that has top tier/five star emphasis on hospitality + entertaining. Being mindful to create a complete ambiance within the estate to receive guests and ensure comfort. Create a guest-manual of frequent and recurring guests and friends and the family preferences. Also a large component is establishing the daily "punch-list" to ensure the entire team is following up with all consideration of some of the more basic operational needs but important nonetheless such as itemizing and stocking light-bulbs for all fixture in all homes, ensuring they are changed when out - consistent daily maintenance check lists and running the daily log toward absolutely smooth running systems and support equipment and full attendance of guest-ready preparedness at all times without lapse. This is essential as the principle does not want to be looking at areas of the household that should have been noticed by the team of staff during their day. so structuring a daily task list of duties and the daily follow through will be essential toward success within this role. If you have been working within a boutique five star establishment with a critical eye for detail then you are well-equipped to be in place and to organize your team for consistent delivery of optimized systems and a cohesive structure to each and every day to always deliver excellence.

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