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PROPERTY CARETAKER - RHINEBECK HUDSON VALLEY The idyllic Hudson Valley is a gorgeous area to work. This is a wonderful small family with a remarkable home and property needing to have someone take special interest in its care. The property caretaker will be responsible for the day-to-day management and upkeep of all grounds and property, in addition to overseeing staff, vendor and contract work as it pertains to the household. The caretaker should be a 'jack of all trades' who has extensive knowledge and experience with grounds, equipment and animal care as well as household administrative tasks. A proactive nature paired with the ability to pivot between a wide variety of tasks is essential to the success of this position. The position consists of a 5 day work week, with Saturday and/or Sunday being part of the schedule. Flexibility is key; Hours will vary depending on each day and the family's schedule. Regular Duties may include but are not limited to: Full management of operations as it pertains to the property Completion of daily caretaker's log, mail/ bill sorting, and staff schedules Preparation and management of projects both long and short term, including: status/expense reports, employee schedules, contractor duties, etc. Daily care and maintenance of animals and enclosures Routine maintenance of grounds (lawns, rye fields, fences/gates, trees), surrounding roads, pond, and wells Routine maintenance and management of outdoor equipment Identification and monitoring of all issues within the house including fuel levels, electricity and appliances, building systems, rodent traps, etc. Maintenance of fireplaces, wood stock, and kindling House setup/ breakdown when family or guests are in residence Management of seasonal supplies (humidifiers, festive decorations, fans, space heaters, luggage) Requirements: Excellent references required Minimum 2-3 years related experience working on a comparable property for a private family Flexibility in scheduling with willingness to work long hours and overtime as needed Ability to oversee numerous staff, vendors, and contractors Be able to coordinate and organize larger parties or special events.

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