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CHEF - LA with Summer in the Hampton's

CHEF - LA, with Summer in the Hampton's This wonderful family is looking for a west coast Chef to prepare masterfully curated food for them when they are in residence at their LA property. There is an east coast Chef and they require a professional for their west coast needs. This is a very calm elegant household. They want a true professional who is capable of ultra VIP awareness of the expectations of a top tier post. Attention to detail, an excellent demeanor, wonderful experience, cleanliness within the work space, excellent provisioning and ready to pitch in and be available toward fulfilling the needs of kind gracious employers. Exhibit a great sense of direction, menu planning, excellent selections and working with a team of staff to ensure a cohesive collaboration with the other Chef. It is essential that you run your kitchen smoothly and with the greatest attention toward exceling on a daily basis. You will not be working the entire year when the family is not in LA. You will however be required to spend the Summer months in the Hamptons. Excellent references, beautiful plating, background check will be conducted and the ability to advance ASAP.

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