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Business, Industry, celebrity, dignitaries...guests from around the world descend upon this beautiful peaceful compound from time to time to hold meetings and simply relax in good company and conviviality. This is the sanctuary of a prominent business person. Discretion and attention to detail are paramount toward the success within this post. A complete understanding of protocol, hospitality, manual creation toward standards of service, and recall of the preferences of returning guests, liaising with all top-tier support staff on-site and in the business office along with the various members of your team to ensure a total smooth running estate and a 5-star guest experience. If you have the mindset of running the estate with total guest satisfaction and "customer service" you will certainly in turn ensure the operations and daily running of events and planning are executed to the height of refined enjoyment. Paying attention to the little things to ensure the larger aspects fall into place more smoothly. In light of the prominence of the guests this can be a demanding, fast-paced and at times challenging role as you will need to create a standard of service in conjunction with a standard of daily operations dealing with maintenance, systems, smart tech, all support technology, ocean exposure to the grounds and actual property/buildings, monitor your team of staff, all provisioning/stocking/ sourcing and supplies. Total guest relations and timely follow through toward seamless operations. Former experience within a prominent estate Full knowledge of 5-star service; particularly in setting ambiance, table service, event planning and flawless execution, guest-relations, and always with guest-ready preparedness with full attention to your employer to ensure all is in keeping with daily expectations. Management of team of domestic staff, hiring, training, retention, setting standards of consistency Create a punch-list of daily monitoring Liaise with contractors and all support vendors Intelligent decision making to secure a well-running property Special care of beautiful appointments and furnishings/art. Great hands-on leadership and accountability

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