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This active household is looking for a highly organized housekeeper to step into place and provide impeccable care. This is a new position within their family structure and one that is extremely important to the daily running of their home. The parents are actively engaged within the daily requirements, they have 4 delightful children and two dogs. The children have a Nanny and the parents are very engaged with their family so your attention will be to maintain all aspects of the household in a meticulous clean manner. This is a very real household. They look at long term relationships and someone who has a very happy, kind disposition and of course is trustworthy along with being energetic to the daily tasks. If you are a self-starter this is best suited. You will be looked upon as the experienced and knowledgeable professional who is essentially left to perform your best sense of maintaining a clean household. This entails; organizing the pantry and closets/cupboards, doing laundry and ironing, packing and unpacking, daily cleaning and scheduled deep cleaning. The household is organic minded. Looking for a great ability to care for a home and ensure the cleanliness in an organized manner Valid US Work Authorization CV-19 vaccination please Former 5 years' experience with valid references

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