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A beautifully manicured ocean front property with an elegant open floor plan...not only a residential sanctuary but a warm and welcoming space where business meetings and social gatherings are enjoyed. This family of 6 requires attentive scheduling and management of calendaring. It is essential that all family and extended family members, guests and business associates are welcomed with their preferred beverage and dietary requirements and ensuring the desired ambiance is attended to. Calling upon your concierge know-how and hospitality awareness you will need to create a guest manual of preferences along with liaising with the Chef to prepare menus and all beverage service for intimate luncheons/dinners and larger events. Running your team of staff to uphold the five-star level of guest-services all advance preparations of stocking and provisioning will be required. Overseeing staff, maintenance and vendors and ensuring a spotless, smooth running property of a main residence and bungalows. Five years' experience required, hospitality and concierge knowledge and the ability to oversee a beautifully appointed residence in all aspects. Must have verifiable references, a valid Driver's License - a background check will be conducted.

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