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What an exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic self-starter who is interested in this role as the next step within their career path along with being fully engaged and willing to learn, to be trained and to immerse in the necessary courses to get up to speed and familiar with safety protocols and hospitality and service minded engagement with a terrific family. Or, of course looking for fully experienced, already familiar and educated certified Private Flight Attendant. Your services will be required for global flights and domestic and international flights. There are stay overs that may be extended so you must have the flexibility with which to be able to be away and to be on call. This is a well balanced team of professionals so you have the ability for quality of life. You will be responsible for light meal service, liaising with the Chef to prepare meals, planning interesting itineraries, coordinating ground transport, liaising with the team of domestic professionals at the various estates, ensuring a welcome meet & greet interaction with the family and guests, getting up to speed with their preferences - maintaining a log of information regarding the likes and dislikes and the preferences of the family and repeat guests. The family is willing to invest in your training and ensuring your comfort within your duties. They are looking for a professional with a great attitude, an energetic team player and a willingness to learn and expand understanding of the necessary attention to detail and safety/security necessary to ensure the wellbeing of all family and guests. The family has children - must be good around children Great team player Organized US Passport CV-19 Vaccinated Fully Available to travel to the extent required A desire to travel internationally Ability to drive Discreet and highly confidential

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