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A discreet family is looking to employ an Estate Manager (EM) to oversee the management of their home in California, which is located on a plot of approximately 2.3 acres, with a pool, gym, tennis-court and a separate 2-bedroom guest house. The main house is 7 bedrooms with 2 large entertaining rooms and two outdoor entertainment spaces. The family also have established secondary homes in SF & India and 3 other properties in the process of being built. Working closely with the family and the family's Private Office, the EM will be expected to take ownership of the management of the family's homes, including, contractors, service-providers, and household staff which include: 2 housekeepers who between them, provide cover 7-days a week 2 nannies provide coverage for the children Co-ordinate with the chef who works 6 days a week 4pm-9pm. Co-ordinate with contracted residential security Taking responsibility for the creation of an efficient and detail orientated property, The EM will thrive in a fast paced, expanding environment. Flexing seasoned skills, he/she will assist the family with all manner of duties, act as the family's ambassador and representative, while acknowledging and understanding that all duties must be performed flawlessly and efficiently while always maintaining the highest level of privacy & discretion. Using proven management skills, the EM will ensure the efficient operation of all key processes within the estate and in the household, including but not limited to: HR matters, Hygiene and H&S Compliance, Finance, Maintenance & Landscaping and Hospitality Services, including Event Management along with Spa and Wellbeing. Demonstrating practiced administrative skills, the EM will be responsible for contracts, enforcing policies and processes adopted by the household, and will ensure proper implementation of them along with every request made by the family. Candidates will be forensically, detail orientated, love organizing both paper and process without time restriction. As an excellent communicator, with strong management and influence skills, the EM will display professionalism and efficiency in representing the family and The Principal's office. COMPENSATION (TO BE DEFINED) Excellent Salary DOE Self-contained accommodation in California / Hotel when travelling Car (TBC) Health/Medical / International Travel Insurance reimbursed at cost Holiday Allowance 3 weeks KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Process Management Oversight of all key processes across estate and household staff, with special emphasis on Hospitality focussed Processes and SOPs, relating to Housekeeping & Service Coordinating personal travel arrangements for the family and the household team as required. Work to develop new high-level connections in: hospitality/restauration, the arts, entertainment and events etc. Diary management for the family including keeping a log of all invitations received and noting possible future meetings and events relating to the households. Responsible for the database of all estate and household contacts. Management of the family's art collection - buying, selling, installation, maintenance, insurance, and curation/database cataloguing. Submission of a weekly summary of all ongoing household projects. Ensure that reports from household staff are delivered on time and properly reviewed Working with the family's office, ensure the family receive briefings in a timely manner. Working with the family's security provider, ensure the property, the staff and IT systems are suitably protected, and security systems/protocols are properly managed. Financial and Business Management Oversight of all financial activity across the estate and household. Management of the accountant who coordinates with family office finance team in delivering payroll, monthly ledger of supplier payments, property rental payments, financial accounts, and staff expenses etc. Management of all contracts including confidentiality agreements with third party suppliers. Oversight of insurance policies including property, artwork, travel, and personal and third-party insurance. Stakeholder engagement, representing the interests of the family and their household, in relation to local authorities, planning permissions, architectural, landscaping, and interior design projects, interacting with senior executives on their behalf. Properties Working and nurturing household staff, to oversee the running of the estate Ensuring a weekly grid report of ongoing maintenance projects at each property Oversight of major project work. People Management Direct line management of all household staff. Oversight of other staffing arrangements, including third-party contractors. Responsibility for executing HR function in concert with Family Office HR team of the estate and household staff contracts, confidentiality agreements, IT and social media policies, holiday, etc Responsibility for recruitment of new household staff Events Coordinating and being present for lunches, dinners and receptions held at the family's home. Organising larger events involving external catering, production, and entertainment companies. Careful oversight and management of budgets relating to these events. PERSON SPECIFICATIONS Required Qualifications and Experience Hospitality Degree / Diploma 10-15 years managing properties and projects. Advanced proficiency in MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Adobe and CRM Experience of working for a respected hospitality or private household setting. Proven success working in a high-volume work, shifting priorities, 24-7, Success in managing people and efficiently running all key processes, especially within private household or hospitality setting Financial experience of overseeing budgets, significant assets, and complex contracts Experience of coordinating private travel, both domestic and international Experience in coordinating large events (c.100+) and all the inherent logistics which come with such events Strong written communication skills – speech and letter writing capability Previous experience of working in an environment where written and numerical reports are expected on a regular basis Personal Attributes Excellent communicator, with strong management and influence skills Exemplary attitude towards providing first-class service An enhanced understanding of the rules governing etiquette and protocol Maintains confidentiality and discretion Comfortable with, and able to embrace, ever changing plans, priorities, and schedules Proactively identifies and resolves problems, making adjustments and recommendations accordingly Remains open to ideas, and seeks to proactively build connections with internal and external partners and stakeholders Strong work ethic, excellent time management Strong negotiation skills Gathers and analyses information skilfully Summarises key information in written reports Ability to establish and maintain superior filing and tracking systems Free and available to commit to work and schedule changes at short notice NB The candidate MUST USA citizenship / or the Legal right to work in the USA.

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