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New York City private residence seeks a hands-on and proactive Houseman to assist with the daily care, maintenance, and service of their multiple-story Upper East Side townhouse. This is a full-time, Live-Out OR Live-In (1 bed/1 bath staff apartment in residence available) position, with a five-day schedule with OVERRIDING flexibility for extended hours and travel to the family's secondary residences in Bedford Hills and Southampton, NY, upon request. The ideal candidate would be incredibly willing to assume a “no task is too big or too small” attitude and would be willing to do whatever is necessary to promote success and satisfaction within the residence. Under the direction of the House Manager, their primary responsibilities would include food/beverage service, cleanliness, and upkeep of the residence. Duties: Proficient in personal high-level maintenance of standards, with attention to detail and timely responsiveness Ability to recognize and act on all home related and service needs Organizing and managing household inventories and storage areas to ensure they are fully stocked Planning and assisting regular dining as well as entertaining for private & social events; providing Formal service for principals and guests Maintaining working order of electronic systems throughout the home Greeting guests and visitors, answering phones, and taking messages on behalf of the principals when PA/House Manager are away Working in conjunction with other household staff members: house manager, personal assistant, chef, housekeeping, etc. Daily walk through of Property, ensuring Principal's aesthetics and all equipment and facilities are functioning properly Notify the House Manager of any discrepancies to be included on the maintenance log Ensure area outside of the Property is clean: Sweep the patio, terrace, and walkway area. Hose off areas of any dirt, or debris from animals or plants. Clean outdoor furniture, cushions, and their covers daily. Take out the trash, recyclables, and compost Wash interior and exterior windows Removal of all cobwebs Work with housekeeping team to perform deep cleaning and help as needed in cleaning hard-to-reach areas Routine floor care including mopping, soap application on wood floors and polishing. Check and change all the light bulbs and notify the House Manager of their outage Replace batteries in all remotes when needed Ordering supplies, monitiroing stocks and inventories A back ground check will be condicted along with verifying all references and employment history.

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