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A chic and beautiful office with noteworthy domestic/business professionals is looking for a new person to join their team as the forward-facing representative of the Family Office. This is a new Junior post. As the Receptionist you will be meeting and greeting all international guests; VIP, celebrity, C-level executives and interfacing with the support team of staff working within the office itself. This will mean you will be required to prepare for meetings, arrange catering, set up the conference room, work with the technical/AV team of IT staff to ensure smooth communication within all audio-visual aspects of meetings and conferences. Set up multi-person Zoom meetings, assist with setting up and serving/coffee service, order lunch, keep areas of the kitchen and conference room clean and tidy, welcome guests - take their coats/umbrellas, arrange for ground transport, assist with ad-hoc clerical duties to assist the team, work on projects, errands, gift purchases, stocking and supplies, ordering items and ensuring guest-ready preparedness in all aspects of care, care for floral and decorative aspects and literally oversee the reception area. Manage the phones and taking clear and concise messages, interfacing with all package deliveries and pick-up, messengers. FedEx/UPS, work with all Chauffeurs arrange Uber. This is a full-charge hands-on post for a committed professional who understands the post and is warm and friendly and enjoys ensuring the office is running smoothly. The position is in office Monday through Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm Please note; on occasion there may be a project which carries over to a weekend in which case you may be asked to assist with financial consideration of course.

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