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This dedicated CEO is in need of a highly organized, efficient assistant to ensure scheduling, meeting organization, credit card reconciliation and the overall care of interaction with the team of staff to effectively manage his business affairs inclusive of arranging travel and ground transport. Looking for an experienced professional who is committed to excellence and motivated by a job well-done. There will be necessary communication between all team members to ensure thorough dissemination of information relative to daily tasks and moving the agenda toward job completion from a large support team of professionals. Must be proficient in PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook along with being technically minded. Excellent communication skills along with proof reading to ensure accuracy in specific details that are paramount to conveying information. Excellent interpersonal and people skills. Overall proficiency in all right arm discretion of being a trusted gatekeeper and supporting a busy person. Former experience supporting a C-level executive. This is an "in-office" post. Must have verifiable references and a background check will be conducted.

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