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A head chef is needed for a busy family of four in their primary residence located in Hudson Valley. The right candidate will have experience preparing meals that adhere to the family's individual dietary restrictions and preferences. They will also have to possess experience in heading the food and beverage department as this will be required for the role, including but not limited to: ordering, inventory, budgeting, scheduling of chef team and maintaining stocks for chef kitchen and family kitchen. Weekly menu planning is crucial so the principle can review and approve before supply orders are placed. You will also lead the other chef, as two in total are required to provide the family with 7-day coverage. The schedule will be formulated to be a fair balance of days on and off, rotating weekends, holidays, etc. The main meals prepared by the chefs will be lunch and dinner, however flexibility is required per the principles needs. Travel may also be required should the principle need coverage at another residence. Inventory: Overseeing the ordering and stocking of the kitchen from the chef's dry pantry to the family kitchen dry pantry, working with the housekeeper to ensure family's needs are Fresh, local and organic orders should be placed from locally sourced vendors as per the weekly menus and any guests that could be joining. Produce and proteins should be sourced from principle approved vendors, keeping in mind the principal's dietary preferences, likes/dislikes and any allergies. Budgeting: Keep track of spending and costs to reduce any food waste and over Keep within budget or get approval from principal for any spending that could exceed the set established amount limit. Daily Menu Planning & Preparation: weekly menus formulated according to the family's preferences and taking into account any guests joining a Menus are to be submitted by noon every Monday so principal can review and approve or make changes. This includes freshly prepared family snacks and any other requests for family staples. Chefs should also keep track of dishes family likes (and dislikes to avoid serving again) and compile a folder (with pictures if possible) to include in future menu rotations. Weekly Kitchen Walk Through: check stock levels, remove expired items, test all equipment and alert the head housekeeper so she can coordinate service and/or Make sure any family items the chef provides outside of what the head housekeeper orders is ordered and stocked to have on hand. Clean and sanitize the chef kitchen, pantry and any other area that falls under the chef's responsibilities. Chef Kitchen Maintenance: chefs are required to clean and maintain work areas between meals and at end of day, sanitizing and leaving ready for the next morning chefs' All trash management from the chef kitchen also falls under chef responsibilities. Family Food Preferences, Dietary Restriction & Allergies: Vegetable heavy dishes (2 servings) with limited starches (1 serving) and a choice of protein (1 serving) (red meat maximum 3x a week) Healthy, fresh and organic in season ingredients no heated oils or Ghee, small amount of salt used (principles preffer to salt and pepper at table) Yeast free diet, no seeds or nuts, no shellfish, no soy, no processed foods Some meals may be vegetarian only, so please have experience with preparing strict vegetarian dishes (most lunches are preferred vegetarian) Both children have allergies, either similar or individual to child (a list will be provided) Further detailed information and guidelines will be discussed during interview The family is offering full benefits (Healthcare, Dental, Vision) 100% paid and includes the employee's immediate family members. A work phone and work computer will be provided for the administrative side of the job. Two weeks PTO to start and a yearly job performance review and end of year bonus at the principle's discretion. Must be able to pass a background check and have a passport, green card or EAC to be considered for the position.

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