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This is a great family with an expectation of beautiful meal preparations in a casually elegant manner of enjoyment. They absolutely love trying new items in a mindful healthy nutrient dense preparation which is served Family Style so they may help themselves. They entertain sparingly but do enjoy the close conviviality of friends and family in an intimate private setting. they are very REAL and live in an authentic appreciation of the great joys of excellent meals and sharing with family and very close friends. Although they could go all out they elect to keep their humble style filled with essential engagements. Your meal prep considers the family in healthy clean choices with thoughtful selection of ingredients, attention to the origins/organic as much as possible - farm to table, farmer's market, local fare, excellent provisioning and being super switched-on in your care as pertains to fresh ingredients, organized clean pantry and appliances, procurement and shopping and being plugged into an ever changing diverse meal offering. Culinary trained Along with this daily more relaxed requirement there is need to have the ability to prepare Hors d'oeuvres for some of the family's philanthropic/events, Excellent meal planning Former excellent experience A true desire to be flexible and to be of service Engaged in meal planning and preparation that is inventive, inspired, healthy and creatively wonderful Excellent sourcing Discreet and respectful Excellent clean background Excellent team player Important that you are able to drive and a plus if you have a car although a car with be made available if needed ABILITY TO WORK WEEKENDS ABILITY TO TRAVELTO ADDITIONAL HOMES Clean attentive care to a super organized and clean kitchen, appliance's and all pantry/storage space A thorough reference and background check will be conducted Ability to perform a tasting

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