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NYC CHEF with HAMPTON'S and additional travel

Bringing your creative culinary talent to provide nutritionally dense, beautifully plated meals for the enjoyment of this small organically minded and elegant family primarily for lunch and dinner service 5 days a week. Based upon the schedule of the household you may only be responsible for dinner. The preferences span a multitude of culinary styles with and enjoyment for Mexican, French, Mediterranean and, always with appreciation for the freshest of ingredients and lovely plating. For the most part your home base will be NYC but you will be required to travel from time to time - as a consequence you will need this flexibility to absolutely make certain you are prepared to work in other kitchen settings in other locations. You will be responsible for ordering, stocking and provisioning - your adaptability along with your eagerness to be creative and attention to flavors will be your success. A full background check will be conducted and we ask that you provide plating images as a sample of your work. Excellent verifiable references, valid Driver's License.

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