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This active young family is looking for a great energetic professional to oversee their estates in both Glen Cove and Southampton to ensure a perfectly tuned, well cared for estate. The family splits their time between multiple areas and currently require a caring invested long term Property Manager professional to mind their property to the highest standards. There are children and a dog and a lot of fun. The family entertains in a casual manner of full enjoyment of being with their close friends and loving life and the conviviality to the greatest extent possible within current considerations. Important to work with the team of staff in these two locations to coordinate family and guest ready preparedness. This means coordinating all necessary information with the chef - liaise with activities in scheduling and be preemptive in every area of concern, work with the Housekeepers to train, oversee, rotation of schedule and the various levels of necessary oversight to ensure the duties are fulfilled and set a structured rotational cleaning schedule for them to follow. All vendor relations, contractor procurement and invoice review/reconciliation of invoices, budgets and expenses, care of vehicles & water sport equipment, understanding of inherent weather and water exposure related consideration. Event oversight and care and being technically minded toward monitoring smart-home technology, all devices, phone systems and security/lighting/humidity controls. Five years' experience and fully familiar with the Long Island estate care. Verifiable references and a stellar enthusiastic approach with long term vision - this is a family who enjoys wonderful long term staff that have been in place for multiple years - little turnover and great staff retention. They are looking for a professional with this mindset, enjoying what they do and bringing about assurances within their trusted caring interest to make a difference with their employer's life.

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