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This is a dream job for a horticultural minded, outdoorsy sort of caretaker/ property/estate manager. There are fields and a horse paddock, orchard, flowerbeds, pools, is a large property that needs constant tending to. It has a deer fence, a regular fence, mending and maintaining the fences, tending to the pastures and expansive rolling lawns that are groomed and manicured, tree care - limb pruning and branch cutting. The livestock oversight is for a few sheep and a happy elderly horse. It is important that you understand systems of security, irrigation, that you are technically minded, there are cars, tractors, a barn, several out-buildings, a pool house and 5 car garage, mindful care of generators, water pumps and all electrical/mechanical systems, dual oil & propane heat, HVAC and utilities. The buildings typically are 1900 vintage brick and wood-shakes. This is a 45 Acre property and it is needing the caring attention of a live on property energetic professional who really wants to take it live on the property in a comfortable accommodation and tend to the constant ever needed maintenance. The ability to be a jack-of-all-trades sort of handyman is essential with painting, light plumbing and repair abilities and certainly mechanical and technical and the willingness to ensure smooth running systems and the overall health and vitality of the grounds + plantings, the structures, the system and certainly the animals. You will be responsible for establishing your own schedule and determining the flow of the day. The family uses the property as they like but reside in NYC. Verifiable references 5+ years of related experience on an estate, caring for a large compound and livestock A love of animals and being outdoors, a self-starter and honorable/trustworthy and reliable Being handy and enjoying maintenance related sort of labor Knowledge of plantings, horticulture and yard/lawn care Must be comfortable working machinery; tractor, snow plow, care of stable, and ensuring top tier cleanliness Ability to drive, able to lift bales of hay and climb ladders Ability to tke initiative and problem solve Security minded and proactive, preventative The wonderful small family has a passion for this property, they love it and only want a person who appreciates it as much as they do so there is an organic sense of wanting to make improvements and see that the daily ongoing care and maintenance is assured to a top level of delivery. This is a family who will want for you to be in place for a long healthy working relationship. A background check will be conducted

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