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MICHELIN STAR* EXPERIENCE - ROTA CHEF - ATHERTON, CA This is a very health conscious family looking for a nutrient dense varied menu that is creative with mindful selections that are free of sugar, inventive substitutes, creative delivery of super foods and a full array of a fuelling nourishing super-charged diet that maintains optimum health. They will only review candidates who have Michelin Star experience and who are comfortable working with another Chef on a Rota basis. As an extremely active family the emphasis is on meals that sate, are visually pleasing with beautiful plating and an unwavering attention to broad-spectrum nutrient delivery. Emphasis on healthy Indo-Pan-Asian cuisine along with Ottolenghi styles to their love of Mediterranean cuisine - healthy, clean, fresh ingredients. It is imperative that you are incredible at your ability to provision to the highest level of attainment; stocking and sourcing the freshest of fare and always delivering the freshest clean flavors of pure and organic foods/ingredients. There will often be call for entertaining on a prominent level of VIP, C-level multi-cultural business leaders so you will need to float between both large and intimate gatherings where the emphasis is on unflappable meal delivering that is equally as refined and tasteful without losing the level of optimum delivery of incredible fresh flavor that is in keeping with a creative healthy menu. Often there will be requests for interaction with additional professionals who work with the family toward their dietary, health, fitness goals - your knowledgeable influence and input will be requested. Menu planning. Weekends are required, this is a LIVE OUT POST Verifiable references, background check, must Drive with a valid CA license. Must be great around family and children and guests. Looking for a clean conscious Chef who loves what they do and will want to assist the family in this capacity as a trusted addition to their staff.

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