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This post is caring for the oversight of a lovely manageable home for an individual and a well-loved hairy dog ~ this beautifully appointed home is a sanctuary for the owner who cherishes the opportunity to be in a clean, well running household that is fully stocked, finely appointed and operating smoothly. It is important as the House Manager/valet that you have an keen eye for detail and very much a "can-do' "hands-on" person to ensure all aspects are cared for; maintenance, construction projects, oversee the housekeepers and be able to have a true affinity for ambiance and all hospitality mindfulness to ensure the household hums. There are outside vendors that you will schedule and oversee in project/job completion - ensuring the landscapers, gardeners, pool maintenance teams are arriving and keeping things running seamlessly. Duties; Oversee the stocking/provisioning of foods and beverages, ordering of supplies Hospitality mindedness to warmly welcome guests and ensure they are comfortable It is a plus if you are able to mix drinks, cook light casual clean meals, snacks - just finger food to accompany visiting guests Interact with the dog if there are times for feeding, walking, vet visits or any sort of necessary care that comes from an organic center of liking animals and wanting them to be safe and healthy Understanding of light mechanical and operating systems - security and smart-home technology. pools/ponds and grounds Be of the mindset that you love what you do, being of service within a wonderful gentle easy-going household that focuses upon easy flowing days Must have former experience with verifiable references. Must drive and have excellent communication skills. This post is IMMEDIATE

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