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This is a beautifully appointed property, full of enthusiasm for friends and family. Entertaining and utilizing the household for gathering with people who are held dear. This role will be assisting the Head House Manager throughout the day to ensure the monitoring of all aspects of care and efficiency, conducting punch-list walk through of the household and grounds and monitoring the daily preparations of supplies, stocking ordering. It is important to think ahead toward being preemptive, guest-ready and with a keen eye to discern the necessary care toward clean, organized, stocked, fully operational systems and working out any glitches - changing light bulbs, stocking all the appropriate light bulbs, you report into the estate manager toward ensuring the household is fully operational without a hiccup. House Manager experience, computer/tech savvy, run a punch list and daily walk through, excellent follow through toward job completion on both indoor and out and making certain the facilities and additional appointment of working with curators, gallery's, designers and decorators, grounds/pool and various technicians and contractors is cared for. Must be highly organized, proactive, empathetic toward caring to make a difference, be a kind and caring energetic professional who is very discreet and aware of boundaries and knowledgeable to understand how the household runs in optimum harmony.

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