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The Housekeeper will oversee the interiors of the homes as though they were his/her own and understand the lifestyle goals of the principals to ensure their enjoyment of the properties. Duties include but are not limited to: Housekeeping, deep cleaning, and interior care of multiple homes year round Exterior daily care required, such as maintaining entryways, walkways, patios, outdoor lighting; setting up and protecting outdoor furnishings/poolside supplies Laundering of clothes and linens; pressing/steaming as needed Procure household supplies and maintain an inventory of consumable goods, including food and fresh goods Shopping and errands required “off island” Daily interior checks of homes to evaluate physical condition of establishments, appliances and other household items, and submit to management a list of needs and repairs Ensure HVAC, Audio Visual Systems, Lighting and all house systems are functioning properly, and keep records of filter changes and maintenance schedules Receive and set up new items for the homes Must be a conscientious and considerate team player, and coordinate activities with other departments Communicate and report to Estate Manager and Chief of Staff Long Summer Hours with limited time off (May – Sept) Key Personal Characteristics: Calm and focused disposition with self-starting tendencies Attention to detail, with pride in their work Willingness to be hands on with all aspects Good communication skills Supportive of owner and guest needs with hospitality at forefront Reliable transportation to and from work is essential Valid US Work Authorization

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