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This is a beautiful household with a full team of top tier staff, each respected in their abilities and accomplishments. All with a great "can-do" attitude, pitching in toward a total team effort. Looking for a self-starter who is motivated toward refined service. It is more casual service rather than being too formal but there is definitely a reservation of knowing boundaries and engaging the family and guests fully aware of their preference toward privacy and discretion. Understanding of the proper care of valuable objects; crystal, silver, linen, all table appointments and service items - candelabra, stocking and ordering of candles. Preparing the table and rooms for events and dining with guests, the family enjoys more casual but entertains frequently. Setting and breaking down of the evening and events. Liaise with the Chef, team collaboration with the other Servers, preemptive stocking and inventory, monitoring items. Serving experience - hospitality minded Fully available to travel when needed Have you worked within a domestic setting before Quick to understand the needs of guests and the principals in an unspoken subtle manner of aligning with expectations A caring calm and bright demeanor CV-19 vaccination Valid Passport Full flexibility to travel as needed. There will be a full background check along with follow up with references Looking for a professional server, trustworthy and with unflappable integrity.

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