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Duties Manage homes in Philadelphia and Ft Lauderdale and ability to travel between both homes Manage vendors, maintenance and construction projects for both homes Handle scheduling, payroll and hiring and training of staff Manage day-to-day household functions at both homes Liaise between principals and staff and delegate accordingly Light cleaning and organizing Clean up kitchen after meal prep Make sure that employment law is followed in both states for staff Oversee car maintenance and purchases Make sure the homes are stocked with the principals needed items at all times Run errands such as grocery shopping, dry cleaning, pharmacy, etc. as needed for the principals Make sure all household equipment is always working, light bulbs are changed, etc. Create and maintain calendars for both homes Have a valid drivers license with a clean record Ability to create household manuals for both homes Have good communication skills Intelligent decision making Take care of packaging, mailing and shipping Ability to perform various administrative duties for the principals including but not limited to setting appointments, managing their calendars and arranging travel Discretion is a must Schedule will be M-F from 9am to 6pm but flexibility will be needed Help in the kitchen and grocery shopping. We need someone with some cooking experience who can prepare meals and often assist with food prep. Keep the fridge stocked with homemade food: breakfast-lunch items like (cut up fruits and veggies, salads, soups etc). Clear the fridge from old/expired items. Keep the pantry stocked with staples as well as making sure no items are expired. Frequent grocery shopping to different stores. Some cooking required. Pet/Plant and House Sitting, 1 Dog & 2 Cats Daily care: walking the dog, give them medication if needed, occasional feeding. Coordinate and transport the pets to their grooming and vet appointments Pet care during the weekends is a must when the family is traveling. Responsible for pets' food supplies. Tending to house plants

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