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This is a beautiful fun and happy young family that loves the convivility of entertaining in an intimate small setting and especially with close family members. The Mrs. is more in keeping with the true organic macrobiotic/farm-to-table preference and the husband enjoys everything healthy comfort food. Looking to have portion control along with caloric intake for the meals, especially focused on nutrient dense excellent fare. Must be fully flexible to travel as there will be call for this to accompany to the other fully stocked households. Must drive. Hampton's is on the list of locations and this is with accommodations of course. The emphasis in this beautiful area to know your vendors and have a relationship with them local purveyors is important especially in the Hampton's when getting around has become so difficult to get groceries and know the locals for the best anf freshes of ingredients. Must be a happy upbeat foodie who exhibits a true passion for their craft in preparing beautifully plated meals that not only have eye-appeal but have such a great burst of flavor. Please love what you do if your are applying as it is a transferrable energy when it comes to food and imparting excellence* Five years top tier experience within a wonderful household Excellent references, full background check. Stunning plating Available to start!

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