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CHEF - NORTH FORK This is a very gentle post as a chef for a small family looking for Lunch & Dinner service Thursday through Monday and leaving prepared meals for the other two days. They don't really entertain during this time so it is a very basic job whereby bringing your creativity and love of what you do to really bring great joy to their day. They enjoy all ingredients and ask for the creation of a weekly menu for review in advance. If necessary to make it easier you have the abililty to stay over in the Guest Cottage on the property while you are working. You will cook in this kitchen and take the preparations to the maiin house where they will serve themselves so it is really quite and easy post. Asking for stocking and supplies and procurement of items, ingredients. They adore the local fare and always enjoy "in season" produce from the diverse array of vendors. They are looking for an earnest, upbeat professional with integrity who loves what they do. Must have excellent references, we ask for plating images, ability to drive and a commitment to your creative talent.

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