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MULTI-LOCATION - LAUNDRESS (based in Southampton, NY)

As the Laundress for this wonderful family you will be responsible for all clothing, bed linens, table linens and upholstery. They are looking for you to be an expert in cleaning and pressing a variety of materials, as many of the pieces you will be working with are valuable and delicate. You must have an in-depth understanding of all couture brands, fabrics, delicate care of stain removal and fully aware of cleaning techniques. It will be important to have extensive experience in removing stains and being a talented seamstress for mending, darning and sewing on buttons and light repairs. The family is looking for an upbeat and happy professional who is a team player and willing to help with other cleaning projects and initiatives, as directed by the House or Property Manager. The Laundress will be required to work on-site in Southampton, and may also work in Glen Head or NYC locations as needed. You must be able to sit and stand for extended periods of time and lift 50 pounds.

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