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An active family requires a diligent and enthusiastic assistant to keep them scheduled and organized and on-track. There are quite a few moving parts at the moment with an imminent household move so planning/ logistics/ inventory and ORGANIZING is essential to fill the immediate needs but in an ongoing basis maintaining a contact list and all updates, working with the 2 Housekeepers and the Nanny to pitch in as needed - this is a very friendly caring household with a pitch-in and assist philosophy - everyone helps one another toward achieving best favorable outcome for the family. It is important that you are able to drive - you will be asked to use the family vehicle to perform errands. Looking for excellent technical abilities, working on a MAC. Ability to organize files, use DropBox for files and all paperless filing, all calendaring and scheduling, overseeing some of the maintenance and vendors, some travel scheduling although this is not a prominent request presently. Be an excellent communicator and formally correspond and reply to emails, excellent research and being resourceful. Ensuring stocking and supplies are kept up. The family is looking for a true right arm assistant to pitch in and care to make a difference in their day by getting up to speed with their likes and preferences and ensuring the day runs smoothly by augmenting these pertinent aspects that make a profound favorable impact. Excellent references Five years direct Assistant experience Working knowledge and full comfort with Mac and all tech HIGHLY ORGANIZED in all aspects - how you manage filing, information and the visual aptitude that knows how to arrange a logical, cohesive storage room, itemizing inventory and creating systems toward optimum efficiency. This is a busy family - they want to be is a clean, smooth running organized household. They are looking for you to be creative, inventive, think outside of the box, work well with others and be a self-starter by taking initiative.

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