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Within this prominent post your responsibilities are as a full-on right-arm director to uphold the requirements of the COO within a busy fast paced international firm. You will need a 24/7 mindset although low demand you will want to bring assistance if your employer is traveling and needs assistance while in different time zones. Tasked with upholding the team of Assistants and Admins toward a day that runs smoothly and engages with top level artisans, curators, clients/collectors from any number of locations worldwide. Scheduling/calendaring, public relations, timeline logistics, working within all facets of a front-facing client and talent interface/liaison, working within stringent timelines/deadlines, fast paced, marketing, guest-relations, social media outreach, event coordination, support of the COO. Looking for a professional with an affinity for arts & culture, plugged into the museum, gallery, art world. Looking for a bright, switched-on, fresh and fully-engaged professional. A professional who is eager to invest in a super opportunity with growth and within a stunning work environment!

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