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NYC LAUNDRESS - 2 or 3 days per week

Being fully familiar with the delicate mindful care of beautiful clothing is a wonderful skill - we are seeking a talented laundress for a family with designer and couture clothing along with the regular laundry attention of day to day items. It will be necessary for you to understand the care of all fabrics, hand washing, lying flat to dry and boxing/shaping, general sewing and seamstress work of darning and repairs, hemming and mending if needed, delicate care of one of a kind designer pieces and treatment for stains. Wardrobe care will be a must within your oversight to ensure proper storage and circulation of seasonal items. General laundry and ironing care of linens and ensuring the proper pressing of table linens, sheets and clothing. Must be US work eligible with an excellent career path evidencing your excellent Laundress skills in the care of valuable wardrobes. We look forward to meeting you.

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