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Responsible for transporting the entire family inclusive of their precious children is of critical importance. Looking for an experienced, trusted, reliable driver who is fully familiar with both NYC (and surrounding tri-state area) and Miami. There may be periods of the family traveling out of the country in which case you will have down time for vehicle maintenance and care. Looking for an energetic professional who is poised, courteous, unflappable, respectful and KIND. Much enjoy working with a family with children as they are priority ONE – their wellbeing and security. You will be asked to pick-up and drop off to their various activities ensuring safe and secure transport. Ability to run errands as needed. Fully familiar with all key notable destinations of gallery's, museums, theater, stores, restaurants, private airports, and all the essential short-cuts, back roads and being able to navigate safely throughout the hectic traffic of the metropolitan areas. Clean Driver's License, impeccable references and background with a family. Looking for long-term employment experience with high-profile family. Fully available to travel and be in one location or the other which may mean being away from home base. This is critical to your happiness within the job - having the full flexibility to be travel as needed, for as long as needed and to be able to have a full "service-mindedness" toward being the trusted professional for the family. Full background check and verifiable references.

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