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PERSONAL HOUSEHOLD ASSISTANT / CONCIERGE - NYC + traveling Looking for an energetic candidate who is focused upon hospitality and being of service to ensure smooth running operations. Within this wonderful post you will be looked upon to deliver front-line concierge services, interface directly with the Principals, and serve as their key-point-of contact for the fulfillment of their personal service needs and real-time requests. Please be mindful that this post requires that you travel freely. You must have a valid passport and be readily available to travel in and out of the USA with the proper documentation to do so. Additionally you will be in different countries and a pure joy of hitting the ground running in an adaptable way of getting your bearing with assist you immensely toward success. This position will support the family while in residence at their primary residence and will be called upon to support while visiting their US and international vacation properties. This post provides personal assistance, service/butling responsibilities, and traditional household services support. As this is an intimate post working so closely with the family and guests we are looking for a warm, poised, intuitive, respectful, calm, and collaborative professional who is highly organized, efficient, energetic, service-oriented professional who works well under pressure in an unflappable manner. Must be observant and attentive to the Principal's preferences in an intuitive manner but not intrusive Has a can-do attitude, with no task being too great or too small, and genuinely enjoys providing personal Possess high levels of scheduling flexibility to adjust to the Principal's changing Capable of juggling competing deadlines with ease while remaining calm and attentive to detail and Ideal candidates find deep satisfaction in completing items on an ever-changing to-do list. Advance travel is required to preemptively ensure the family's homes are in guest-ready preparedness for their arrival and will remain on-site to coordinate their support throughout their stay. This position will report to the Director of Household Manager and will work closely with the Principal's assistants, nanny's, chefs, drivers, facilities maintenance, tech services, and security teams to coordinate and execute logistics for the home and office. The ideal candidate will have experience providing hands-on personal service in fully staffed, significantly sized estates. You will be seen as the key person to ensure the homes are meticulously maintained, in proper working order, and logistical operations are running smoothly. House management responsibilities include a daily walk through of the interiors of all dwellings to establish a maintenance punch-list and interior cleaning schedule. This position is responsible for coordinating with the principals and chef to ensure meal service is fully understood as regards; the number of guest, the table settings needed, communicate with the team leaders to ensure the smooth follow through with protocol/ VIP consideration, packing/wardrobe, errand running, and household ordering/stocking/shopping. It will be important to update and maintain the House Manual for all Principal & Guest Preferences and ensure the household and property staff are well-coached in these up-to-date protocols. DUTIES: It will be important to anticipate and execute all of Principal's real-time requests Provide top-tier service to family and guests and support their Oversee guest arrivals/departures, including special requests, food, etc. Daily meal /tabletop set-up, meal service (formal & informal), and bartending services for family and Constant collaboration with Chefs/Assistants to meet family's changing daily calendar. Create and maintain accurate inventories, ensure proper closet organization, and provide skillful packing and unpacking Efficiently coordinate the dispatch and receipt of the Principal's clothing and personal items before their arrival at their travel destination. Coordinate with flight attendants and assist in implementing logistics for travel, including packing luggage tracking, meal service, and special Coordinate moves to other properties and ensure easy transitions between residences for both family and Oversee home meeting set-up, track online accounts, collaborate with assistants and tech team members to troubleshoot and test AV/IT equipment and Coordinate closely with Assistants and household staff on organizing and executing events at the Oversee food and beverage, table setting/service, decor, flowers, rentals. Coordinate additional staff and/or vendors as required. Supervise set-up and ensure the event's timelines are supported, including temperature, lighting, music, talent/guest speakers, etc. Conduct a daily walkthrough of the home and the interiors of all dwellings to ensure that each residence has a consistent feel and that the team is aware of the Principal's preferences and daily EXPERIENCE: A bachelor's degree and a minimum of two-plus years of relevant experience or equivalent combination of education and experience providing concierge service within a high-service, action-oriented private household environment with high accountability levels and proven experience supporting other household staff, including housekeepers, personal organizers, and other Experience in maintaining the confidentiality, safety, security, and privacy of a private Tech-savvy: complete comfort with all standard Mac computers and internet skills including email; apps; calendaring programs; Microsoft Office suite (Word & Excel); project management/messaging tools; various online portals for scheduling; quick learner of new Must have experience supporting complex travel, hospitality, event, and entertaining Must have a US Passport and the flexibility to travel nationally and internationally as Ensure that homes are meticulously prepared, in working order, and ready in advance of the Principal's arrival. Collaborate with Household Services managers to develop and maintain an interior cleaning schedule for regular and deep cleaning for all Assist the housekeepers with specialty cleaning, general tidying, or household projects as required. Create and maintain a Preference Log for Principals and guests and, in conjunction with the household management team, create and maintain current household Ensure that each residence is stocked with the Principal's desired toiletries, personal items, cleaning products, Oversee inventory of household items, personal products, office supplies, linen closets, storage areas and ensure all inventories are organized and current. Shop for household items and run errands, and perform other duties as Advise team on upcoming household activities, including events, guests, and timing of particular activities so house operations can run as smoothly as Create floral arrangements and installation of seasonal/holiday decor Assist with care and coordination of family pets. Maintain inventory and maintenance of various sporting and personal equipment Execute special projects assigned by the Household management team Verifiable references, a thorough background check, drug screen, and online assessment will be required of all qualified candidates

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