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This is an exciting opportunity for a very accomplished right arm "rainmaker" who is proactive and extremely accomplished within the space of getting things done swiftly. This is an extremely high-profile International Businesswoman who is on the go, non-stop in her own feistiness toward getting things done. There are so many demands placed upon this individual that there isn't time to falter or get stuck....the need is to tackle projects in a proactive manner but also to be extremely resourceful on a global premise of knowing just how to navigate complex schedules, worldwide travel and the obscure requests that go along with problem-solving and trouble-shooting all considerations to ensure a smooth-running day. It is B U S Y !! The principal spends up to 3-4 months in NYC There are rarified select few extra-special professionals who know exactly the sort of top-tier professionalism and resourcefulness that is required to fulfill this level of right arm gatekeeper and assistant role - it take a very uniquely qualified individual to outperform the principal by being so dialed-in you are running ahead and securing that all matters are in place to uphold their needs. There is a truly respected art form to this type of professional - we are looking for YOU! The principal is dynamic and total Type-A in the demands she places upon herself ~ this is why when people need things cared for on a worldwide basis they go to her to draw from her resources. In the past the person who has been keenly successful within this role was a PA to the UH Profile Fashion Designer realm where timeliness, speedy turn-around, super resourcefulness while being unfazed and diplomatic, poised and forward thinking. The client is looking for an independent contractor for this post. You will need a 24/7 mindset to accommodate international time-zones Fastidious, clear communication, resourcefulness, excellent vendors along with the where-with-all to secure the desired outcome as quickly as possible- a quick study and being able to hit the ground running sort of person. Take care of inventories, liaise with Attorney's/ art curators/ diplomats/ all key people; friends and family. Liaise with the Domestic staff and ensure stocking and supplies are uniform amongst properties - engage the head of Housekeeping to ensure returns, pick-ups, errands, personal shopping and gift-buying is cared for Research, travel arrangements, liaise with Pilots and ground travel Bring your care to all aspects of ensuring the principal is cared for and presented with all the tools to permit her to focus upon her business demands. If you are available to travel there will be discussion to accompany and be alongside the principal in her travels. Valid Passport

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