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This is a prominent, calm and refined household requiring the hands-on knowledgeable care of an equally skilled and kind professional to provide complete oversight of daily duties; caring for laundry, cleaning, care of luxurious museum quality appointments in all capacities; designer wardrobe, art and sculpture, furnishings and carpets, china and crystal, antiquities and rare books. Looking for a highly organized, knowledgeable professional who has experience within a prominent household and knows how to navigate around the principals and their guests along with the fastidious care of daily duties. There is a full team of staff - your ability to work well with others and be responsible to the betterment of the team is important so you are a helpful addition to the overall efforts of an incredible group of top tier happy professionals who have all been in place for a long period of time. Looking for discretion and confidentiality Mindful care of all organization and attention to detail. Excellent references and great experience Ability to drive and vaccinated.

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