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This energetic chic young family is authentic and kind in their daily needs. The household is prominent yet low-key - the principals which will not engage drama and treat their staff with respect. There are three children - this role is predominantly caring for the young 2-year-old. The oversight will entail being a true right arm support person to aid the Mother and to watch out for the daily activities of the 2-year-old toddler. The household is looking for an emotionally intelligent, preemptive professional who knows when to pitch in and when to leave the room. Permitting time for the parents to engage the children and knowing appropriate times to step in and pick up the slack and always be considerate in your support. Knowing when the Mom may require time alone or need help with running errands or caring for some laundry or cleaning in the kitchen. The role is looking for you to assist in the meal prep and clean-up. Instilling manner and guidelines as a mentor and active engaging role model - instilling values and social behaviors and manners...pitching in as you see things could use your helping hand to care to make a difference. This is a small enough team whereby your caring conscientious consideration will be noticed and your lack of participation in the overall good will stand out as not being in keeping with the manner the household staff respects one another toward upholding the parents/family. The job requires; Children-centric support chores; laundry, making beds, cleaning and tidying rooms and keeping organized Experience caring for infants and toddlers CPR Certified - valid and active Verifiable references A thorough deep dive background check USA Work Eligible Energized and prepared to actively engage toddlers who are active and on the GO! The family does not want screen time as a form of entertainment for the children so you must be inventive, curious and active to fully interact with the children on their level of curiosity and learning and activities. Fully aware of the NYC children’s activities scene that is educational and cultural and teaching on levels that fulfill and challenge the children. Looking for a wonderful switched-on professional who too is looking for a long-term commitment to grow with the family and become an important mentor in their lives. Excellent experience within high profile active households Ability to speak Spanish and English Great communication skills COMPLETELY discreet, and security minded Swimming, dancing, active professional A pure love of being in their very important role. Coverage for this post is Thursday through Monday. Shift is 10:00am – 8:00pm

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