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This is the care of a husband and wife, there are no pets at their Greenwich CT home. They have a PA and a Chef and a Grounds person. The home is quite large with a pool. Their main home is in New York City. Looking for a Live Out couple to reliably care for the household; ordering supplies, laundry and ironing, cleaning and general cleaning, care of kitchen appliances/polishing stainless steel. Some prep work or assistance at meal time if the chef is away; plating/serving/setting the table and clearing the table, starting and emptying the dishwasher. Ensure china and glassware cared for, inventory, rotate wardrobes, keep tidy & organize storage, trash & recycles. Rotating food in the fridge, ensure expiry dates, stocking and souring supplies. Ensuring bar and beverage service is maintained. There are various trades to maintain much of the property - so, you oversee the completion of duties, walk around to ensure maintenance issues and care for the upkeep of the property. There are grandchildren so when they visit there are hand prints to clean. They are hoping for a flexible couple where some weeks are a bit busier than others and while some weeks they are not at the house at all. So they would like to have two days off per week: usually Monday and Tuesday or, Tuesday and Wednesday. There is health care.

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