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Monday - Thursday are in office Friday is REMOTE Within these intimate positions whereby you are relied upon to "get-it" you must be in synch with your principal to effectually assist them as they require, this comes from experience, understanding the level required at an elevated tier of daily duties and a pure aptitude and interest toward knowing what their preferences are and when you need to back away or engage and take the reins. Your ability to reply to emails in a timely and professional manner must be prompt, courteous and in keeping with a style/finesse that represents the elegant nature of the Matriarch as you will be relied upon to engage all levels of professional support, Board of Directors and meeting management in representation of the principal. Your ability to listen to the conversation you share and distill essential key facts into emails or follow-up documents to disseminate to Board of Directors is critical to the needs for the role. This is a fast-paced ultra high-profile role. Your days must be preemptive, must always be switched on toward proper information gathering and being in step toward representing the very high-profile family. Ultra confidential and discreet, your gatekeeping abilities and filtering through information is critical. You have got to be a bona fide professional who is FULLY NYC familiar, has a finger on the pulse of the things to do and events and latest and greatest happenings and be adept at making things happen. You will be liaising with private pilots, Chef's Event planners and all aspects of busy life/lifestyle management. Part social secretary/part right arm personal assistant. You will be handling confidential material. Looking for longevity within your roles, excellent experience and a full capacity to know both "old & new NYC".

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