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Within this beautiful, high energy Family Office you will be the right-arm support assistant to the Executive Personal Assistant to the Principal and family. This will call for travel on occasion and the planning of special events. As with the majority of these posts you will need to be resourceful, establish and maintain excellent vendor relations and be discreet within your interactions to represent this very private family. As an essential contributor to the overall daily operations your input will be crucial toward smooth running days to uphold this dynamic principal. Your key support skills of fastidious attention to detail, resourcefulness, analytical problem solving in a timely manner and a truly awesome team member will lend to your overall success. This is a small active Family Office in NYC. There is a rotation of schedules within this support team to provide 24/7 coverage. You will need excellent communication skills that exhibit a certain decorum, attention to proper/formal written content, ultra confidential discretion at ALL TIMES(!) you will be handling personal and business information and disseminating this important information to the proper recipients. There is a need for 24/7 coverage/mindset but this schedule will be rotated within the team of support. Your efforts will augment and assist the efforts of the key right-arm Executive Personal Assistant yet at times you will be engaging directly with the principal. You may in fact be responsible to travel to various destinations to set up the location in a pre-arrival manner, hooking up printers and establishing local vendor support in addition to organizing entertainment venues, transport and accommodation. It is an important role which will call upon your resourcefulness and professionalism. This is a superb experience. Must have a valid Passport and the flexibility to travel unencumbered. A true affinity to assist and uphold the support requirements of the role. Proof of Vaccination please.

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