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Precious infant of one and a half years of age, this beautiful family is looking for a fresh loving caregiver for their little infant. You must be French Speaking and balance the exisitng team of Child Caregivers. Typically your rotation will be 2 or 3 week on-off rotation which has worked in the past but this can be balanced with discussion. The requirement of the shift is for you to sleep in an allocated Nanny area of the Baby's room to provide 24 hour coverage - getting up in the night should this be required. There are two other children but they have their own nanny team to care for them - you will be interacting and supported by a well-staffed household and this in itself is upholding and supportive. All meals are cared for whilst working. It is a beautiful family and an exquisite opportunity. Establishing routines, feeding and bathing, creative engaged playtime and being available to interact with the child in a creative educational manner of teaching basics and creating routines. You will be required to travel with the family which will be done via private aircraft. Current CPR Ability to speak French fluently Full ability to travel US Work Authorized CV-19 Vaccinated Excellent top tier experience and impeccable references Entertaining candidates with a Bachelor Degree or higher Early Childhood education a PLUS As this opportunity is a traveling position you must be flexible to be away as needed for extended periods of time. This is an overnight coverage post so your ability to sleep over is the important part of the job.

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