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This is a great position within a stunning location working with a terrific team of professionals. As the Gardener/ Junior Facilities Assistant you will be responsible for supporting the members of the Facilities Team as well as performing key tasks within the department. Looking for an energetic active resourceful professional who enjoys contributing to the overall beautification of a finely appointed property. Key Relationships: Reports to: Estate Manager Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent qualification. A minimum of 2 years' working experience in a similar role. Ability to work with hardware tools and power equipment. Extremely organized with good communication skills. Detail-orientated with an aptitude for problem-solving. Self-starter and able to see projects from start to finish. Adaptable demeanor, able to adjust with little notice. Knowledgeable about native plants Major Responsibilities: Overseeing landscape vendors (grass, plants, etc), and scheduling around the use/needs of the estate (and principal) Managing water usage Maintaining the grounds of the estate to the level required by the principal Adjusting plant needs with climate restrictions Supervising and/or assisting vendors with assigned work. Regularly check residential property spaces to identify issues with property structure, hardware, plumbing, hvac, mechanical failure or breakdowns. Perform repairs on company equipment or appliances. Detect and report the need for major maintenance repairs. Respond to manager's maintenance requests in a timely and professional manner. Small repair plumbing, electrical and safety systems. Conduct performance assessments of company appliances, such as refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, ovens and coffee makers, etc. Provide direct manager and others in workplace with support and guidance on maintaining their equipment. Perform basic tasks including painting and filling crevices, clean facilities, helping with moving stuff and managing maintenance repairs. Act as valet as needed Support Butler in guest facing duties, as needed, including but not limited to: bartending, serving, driver, providing assistance for outdoor activities (kayaking, paddle board, bikes, etc).

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