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This is one of the most complex beautiful estates requiring impeccable care as there are numerous moving parts with diverse systems for everything. Ideally the family is looking for a candidate with engineering/mechanical experience/education in engineering is a huge plus along with hands-on experience preferably within a notable estate. You will be responsible for the care of all systems and ensuring that service contracts, warranties, maintenance are all performed in a timely perfect manner to ensure no set-backs and smooth running operations. Everything within the home is of museum-quality and the attention to ensuring complex systems is of tantamount importance. Attention to detail and an extreme awareness of intricate systems and all security mindedness along with both technology and mechanical knowledge. Must exhibit former top level trusted experience within a prominent estate Flexible, trustworthy, reliable without fail, and vastly resourceful with excellent vendor relations and know-how. Must be fully available and understand your post is as preemptive trouble-shooter and problem solver, so this means that you may be required to work to prevent troubles but be ready to ensure the problem is solved to completion. An engineering degree, mechanical, systems, technical is a true plus. Looking for the candidate who has a Can-Do attitude and is pleasant amid stress, unflappable and energetic.

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