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This is a beautifully appointed home with a love for entertaining and fine dining. As Junior Butler you will take the lead from the Head Butler to be fully engaged toward the social calendar and ensuring all aspects are cared for daily ensuring a smooth running household. Care of setting the table - creating ambiance with care of floral arrangements/ candles, decorations, polishing silver - care of crystal and china, beverage service, guest interaction and ensuring comfort at all times. General domestic household services as directed by Employer including but not limited to: Cleaning Food preparation and service Household maintenance Laundry Chauffeuring Other duties as assigned On a daily schedule it will be important to perform a walk through, setting sights upon all aspects needing general care or maintenance issues as they arise. This is a year round - full time opportunity and it will be important that you get accustomed to the manner in which the household runs and maintain a constant level of preparedness. Stocking and supplies and working to ensure all inventory and necessary support supplies are at the ready. This is a household with a wonderful full support team - your ability to be hands-on with a can-do manner is important to ensure a cohesive team. The household entertains on a formal level of table service. Verifiable references, proof of vaccination please, a love of dogs, the ability to be flexible and jump in as needed.

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