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This is a small private family requiring the full-charge, hands-on attentive care of a skilled Domestic Couple to perform the upholding duties to fully assist the family. As part of your post you will be providing pristine household maintenance of handyman, housekeeping, driving to and from Manhattan as needed, assisting the Estate Manager as necessary and also packing and unpacking for travel, wardrobe and closet maintenance, driving the teen children to their appointments and their after-school commitments. Must be fully tech savvy, ability to research, purchase online supplies, trouble-shoot tech issues, update devices, interface with household smart technology Ability to travel - this may involve international travel or extended travel of one month domestically Excellent driver, familiar with Westchester and Manhattan and airports & entertainment venues - comfortable driving with children Clean and verifiable background and excellent upholding references HANDS ON FULL CHARGE Housekeeping; general and deep cleaning Packing and unpacking -wardrobe and closet care Highly organized, preemptive and guest-ready preparedness Light maintenance in preventative and "fix-it" care; plumbing, painting, light construction Being the full care provider for the family in every capacity of upholding and supporting them in their busy day Unwavering discretion and confidentiality AT ALL TIMES

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