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This is a right-arm, gatekeeper, preemptive sort of post where the wellbeing of your high-profile employer will need to be your total focus. Liaise with business associates and all support vendors, various professionals who interact on a peripheral basis but very important to the overall daily activities....liaise with various offices in different time zones. You will be successful if your natural inclination is to want the best outcome for the day. To ensure the needs of the busy and very demanding and hectic day are cared for. To be protective toward filtering through the excessive external activity to reach your principal and overall be completely dialed-in and able to vet in a critical thinking manner of filtering through information so you can always streamline the day and get to the most important relative bits of information to either act upon or covey to the appropriate parties for thorough follow-through. Have a wonderful disposition, sense of humor, highly organized, flexible with a laser sharp focus on the essential direction you need to steer the day. Excellent references, fully aware of NYC and area and all the culturally unique aspects of the city.

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