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A lovely, busy and discreet/private family of four (daughter is 6yo and son is 2yo), located in the Hudson Valley area is seeking a weekend nanny to provide coverage to relieve the weekday nanny. The weekend schedule will be a switch off with the weekday nanny on Thursday afternoon through Sunday evening, Hours will be from 7am to 7pm or until children are asleep in bed for the evening. However, flexibility is required per principles needs and travel may be needed per the family's schedule. This is a live-out or live-in position, dependent on the location of the weekend nanny and if they have transportation to and from work. If live-in, private living accommodations are available. The ideal candidate will have experience working in a private family setting as well as working with other nannies and staff members. Must be hardworking, upbeat with positive energy and have a genuine passion for child-care. A strong sense of discretion and striking a balance in being both self-sufficient and a team-player while maintaining a warm family environment. Light House Keeping & Food Preparation: the nanny is expected to keep all areas that children use clean and tidy, this includes cleanup after a room is used and maintaining the cleanliness and organization, including closets, drawers, bathroom, etc. for both children's rooms. Some meals may have to be provided per the nanny, breakfast and whenever a chef is not present (lunch, dinner) in consistency to the parents preferred dietary requests and the children's likes/dislikes and allergies. Managing Routines and Planning Extracurricular Activities: coordination between parents and any other staff that may need to be involved (alerting drivers to children's schedule if transportation needed, alerting chef to mealtimes, any changes in diet, etc.). Setting up and coordinating play dates either at home or outside home. The household can be busy with many moving parts, and the principles expect help in coordination of a smooth day to day Organization and quick thinking to solve problems is always priority. Discretion & Professionalism: the right candidate will possess the ability to understand step in/step out intuition as to allow the family and extended family to have privacy while with the children. Privacy and discretion are a must; no picture or video taking for personal use, only when communication with parents or other nanny needed, no discussion of family or children's personal life with other staff members, nannies that aren't employed by the family and personal friends. Communication: communication with the weekday nanny is crucial as to provide consistency and a seamless handoff when beginning or departing your weekly shift. Changes to the children's schedules, important information that happened over each other's shift (dietary changes, principles new requests, etc.). should be The weekend nanny should also provide the weekday nanny with an end of shift report listing any items that are low in stock, items that need to be ordered, any new information or updates that the principles have discussed or changed in the children's routine and any other areas of concern. Travel: if family travel is during your shift time, cataloging all items and over-organization is a The nanny will be in charge of packing and making sure the children have all their items needed for the amount of time they are traveling. Lists and pictures should be taken during the packing process as to have reference for arrival and departure of destination. The family is offering full benefits (Healthcare, Dental, Vision) 100% paid and includes the employee's immediate family members. A work phone and two weeks PTO to start. Yearly job performance review and end of year bonus at the principle's discretion. Must be able to pass a background check and have a passport, green card or EAC to be considered for the position.

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