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Wow, what an opportunity for a bright, fresh, plugged-in Chef who is passionate about delivering excellence, drawing from a broad-spectrum repertoire of ingredients and flavors on an international level of inspiration. Sourcing and provisioning on a local level within each and every location of travel but also have a remarkable ability to coordinate with suppliers to always offer nutrient-dense, clean menu selections. This is an exciting family who loves the conviviality of gathering over excellent meals, sharing with family and friends and always staffing their multiple properties with top-tier, dynamic professionals who are leaders in their profession. Must be travel and passport ready and have the full flexibility to be away for a few weeks at a time. You are part of a team of professionals - yourself and two other Chefs in rotation. There is a full team of support staff in various capacities ensuring smooth-running days. Covid vaccination Culinary educated Valid Passport Verifiable references Superstar quality skills and resourcefulness Excellent team work Submitting to a Background and Reference verification We look forward to meeting you.

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