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Young couple requiring an Executive Housekeeper that is hands on for all the day to day oversight and care. It is important that you have excellent communication skills and the ability to delegate necessary chores and jobs to others. You will access the daily walk around to ensure there are no leaks or maintenance/repair issues and have the ability to hire outside vendors, for maintenance and repairs along w/ extra assistance in deep cleaning and serving if the family has a large gathering. It is up to you to arrive at your best schedule but typically Monday-Friday; 10:00am -5:00pm/6:00pm Care of fine art Detail oriented No meal prep Laundry/ironing / changing the linens and the bedding Wardrobe care...organizing closet, drawers, ordering supplies Computer literate, technically minded Report directly to principal Meticulous eye for how things should be positioned, inventory, storage, care of glassware/China/ silver and art objects A true top tier hands-on head housekeeper with house manager oversight Must be a self-starter and work well on your own. Verifiable references as a Head Housekeeper/ Lead Housekeeper with House Manager oversight An excellent kind representative of and for the family/your employer. Poised and effective, know when to call for professional outside vendors to assist There are three properties; one as the main residence for the family and two others as property holdings for guests and family/friends Maintain a guest-ready preparedness at all times. Be a good honorable and trustworthy person with integrity and excellent long term plans.

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