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This is a prominent post of complete right arm oversight, support and daily monitoring on a 24/7 clock for a prominent businessman. You will liaise with the executive team and the domestic support teams of staff members toward ensuring impeccable coverage. This is a business related post so you will be asked to make travel arrangements, schedule meetings, ensure monitoring of flight progress to ensure timely meeting of arriving flights in coordination of transport. Monitoring the minutes of meetings and all timeline advancement and careful progress reports as regards order fulfillment and many different manufacturers. You will liaise with key professional people and all executive tier staff members to ensure the flow of the day. This is a demanding post which calls upon you to really hit the mark each day to ensure the smooth running operations. The principal travels a lot so there is a lot of coordinating with all the various teams which may seem fragmented at some times but it will be your job to collaborate and coordinate with all others toward a unified effort of upholding your employer to be the best at what they do within a stressful, hectic and demanding post. Summers you will be asked to reside in the Hampton's during your work week. This is a prominent post looking for a fastidious detail oriented person to coordinate all aspects of business and personal oversight, almost as an attaché. Spanish speaking required Ability to coordinate complex travel itineraries and be exceptional at monitoring progress of flights for delays and arrival times so all aspects of prompt meeting with ground transport is seamless Excellent coordination of schedules and calendars and timelines with terrific follow up and follow through or punch-list items Poised, refined and an excellent sense of style and design Five+ years of hands on right arm support to a prominent C-level executive

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