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BUTLER & HOUSE MANAGER - NYC - CT & the Hampton’s

Working closely with the Estates & Facility Manager and The Principal's EA's, The Butler & House Manager will be responsible for the day-to-day stewardship and provision of service in the households, while providing strong leadership and "hands-on" support to fellow household staff, to ensure that the homes are always maintained and administered to exceptional standards. The primary objectives is to ensure the comfort of The Principals, their family and guests, as well as provide proper coordination with the Chef, the day and evening staff, housekeeping and sub-contractors, as well as making all arrangements for functions and events, while offering advice on potential improvements and maintenance projects. You will be required to ensure that all the properties under your supervision are maintained and operated to a standard expected of The Principals. You will manage the day-to-day operations of the households including the aesthetic presentation of the interior and exterior. You will plan and assist in all service aspects required by The Principals and their family members while you will assist with the planning and coordination of “special events”. You will be responsible for all domestic employees that work within your assigned portfolio and will be required to manage all human resource related matters. This may include, housekeeping and maintenance staff, drivers as well as specialist contractors. You will be required to establish all staffing requirements and be responsible for interviews, hires, terminations and conduct employee orientations & performance reviews including any disciplinary actions. In conjunction with the Human Resources Manager you will provide training to the staff either in-house or by hiring external professional training services. You will be required to communicate with all personnel to ensure a clear understanding of their work requirements and daily tasks. You will be responsible for staff morale, productivity and efficiency. The Butler and House Manager is expected to lead the on-site team on a daily basis, in a 'hands-on" capacity, and to ensure that staff are adequately supported and informed. This individual is expected to maintain the highest levels of discretion at all times and will be needed to work cooperatively with the Estates & Facility Manager, as well as The Principals EA's and Corporate Office Personnel Working Relationships will be required with; The Principals Estate & Facility Manager The Principals' Personal Assistants The Principals' Personal Chef (when in residence) The Administrative (HR) - Accounting and Supportive staff in NYC Additional Residence Staff (International and Domestic) Contractors and Consultants Vendors and Trade Suppliers House Staff Employed (NY) 4x full-time housekeepers Chef (s) Must have verifiable references for each post on your resume. Looking for long term placements within the various positions you have held. Letters of recommendation along with verbal endorsement.

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