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This is a fully staffed, wonderful family with a desire to add a new member to their team of top tier professionals to support their busy but simple life based upon the core values of respect and kind relations. The ability to support the family in their dietary requirements and bring about stocking and provisioning along with menu planning and event oversight is an essential complement to the overall smooth running operations. In tandem to the chef requirement you will oversee the daily monitoring of household activity to ensure operations & systems are trouble-free, oversee the maintenance aspects and contractors as they may be required to fulfill duties of care. These are beautifully appointed properties with the latest in technology - you will be responsible for daily walk-through and establishing a punch-list of tasks that may require monitoring and repair. The support team of management professionals will augment your daily discussion to work toward assisting in the service contracts, and necessary maintenance. This is an active family involved in community activities and the children's athletic interests. There are many moving parts and a busy calendar and schedule - it will be important to ensure the day is structured toward job completion and stay on-task toward completing your duties as it may be easy to get pulled in a few directions. The meal service is fresh, healthy simple fare that is highly nutritious and visually beautiful with a great creative flare. Verifiable references that endorse your excellent employment. You will need to drive and be available to travel to various properties as required and literally being a great personality who can be trusted and relied upon to be honest, with integrity and fully engaged toward the best outcome for the family at all times.

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