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Your familiar ability to be of service and step in as needed in the mindset of hospitality toward augmenting the day of a busy family, friends and guests. The Summer months can be busy with an active social calendar so your enthusiasm toward ensuring guest-ready preparedness along with ensuring the menu and the setting for small and larger gatherings, setting the ambiance and ensuring the "stage is set", so to speak, as relates to the overall care you bring to event management, daily running of a complex estate, liaising with vendors and contractors and overseeing construction care and touch-ups around the interior of the household. It is important that you are familiar with luxury brands, aware of the local vendors and trades, fully engaged in stocking of supplies and running errands. You will work with your team of housekeepers and guide them toward the level of care and service. During the Summer months additional staff will be brought onboard. You will lead them toward standardizing their level of care in all aspects of housekeeping. Looking for an experienced hospitality and service minded professional who leads by example and is highly organized and structured toward leadership in a hands on manner of establishing standards of care. A top level attention to detail, affable, great team management, directed in problem solving and full knowledge of household systems, along with an elevated sense of style. Verifiable references, ability to drive and familiar with the Hamptons.

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